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    Hesi went ok for me. I didn't do great on chem and bio, since I've never had those classes. Otherwise it was good.

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    I did okay, an 87 overall, it's really embarrassing bc I didn't do too well in anatomy and actually did better in bio
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    Hello, there. I,m from spring 2013. What is that HESI about? Is it something new? I never heard from previous threads about it. Can you tell me what was on the test? And what was the point? Why can't they stop testing people all the time ...
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    It's an entrance level nursing exam called the HESI admissions assessment or HESI A2 for short. At the beginning of NP1 there will be the HESI A2 you will have to take just to give the instructor an idea of where the students are, it doesn't count towards a grade. But at the end of NP1 you will take another HESI (not A2 but I don't know what it's called or which one) and it will count for 10-15% of your grade. We will have to take it at the end of each NP semester. It's not new just previous threads kind of stopped talking to each other after orientation and what not and we are a pretty friendly knit group lol (I believe).
    I believe it's related to the NCLEX
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    It covers math, biology, chemistry, reading comprehension, vocab, grammar, anatomy and physiology (30-55 questions each section) and it also includes a personality/what type of learner are you part that's 15 questions each
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    thank you, what kind of questions were there?
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    Wow, tons of info to review....how much time were you given to take the test?
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    They were kind of basic and simple. For instance "chose which word completes the sentence correctly"
    "how many pints in 80 ounces"
    "the buttocks are located in which surface of the body (dorsal)"
    "what's the authors attitude"
    "if a cell is put in a hypotonic solution where will the water travel"
    A lot of fraction problems, an oxidation ?, DNA & RNA, meiosis/mitosis
    A lot of stuff
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    We were given the entire 9-12 class period
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    Thank you so much, Calley. I appreciate your answers. Good luck. We are still waiting for the letters....two more weeks, we think.

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