Help with Ft-Myers/Cape Coral area.

  1. A little about myself: I graduated in December with my Bachelors, got my license in February, and after hundreds of applications and tears I finally landed my first nursing job! Whohoo! I got accepted to a perioperative internship program with Lee Memorial Health System in Ft-Myers.

    My dilemma: I currently live in Miami and have never been to the Ft-Myers/Cape Coral area and now have to find an apartment in order to be closer to my new job.

    Questions: Is anyone familiar with the area and can recommend an area that is safe? Any suggestions as to what to do up there to keep my self entertained? If you are familiar with both areas, which do you prefer and why (Ft-Myers vs. Cape Coral)?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Nursingfem007
    Hey were are in the same dilemma just a position in lee memorial startin july.... Do u have pm. I live in miami, fl now
  4. by   NurseKitty2013
    I sent you a pm.
  5. by   tpb19
    I moved down here about 3 weeks ago. As far as apartments go, there are tons and it'd be best if you looked them up on google, made a list, and took a day to come down and look at them all. I was told Reflections was really good so you may want to google that. I wasn't able to live in practically any of them because of certain dog breed restrictions though so I didn't even bother looking at the really nice ones. My place is basically right in between Lee Memorial and Gulf Coast distance wise. I'd say I'm like 3-4 miles from both, and HealthPark is 5-6 miles.

    I was told the further south you go in Fort Myers the wealthier/nicer it is. And Cape Coral is nice as well but I heard it's not as good for a younger crowd. North towards Lee Memorial has a downtown area, there is a farmers market on certain days, and lots of decent places to go out. I think there are studio apartments in the downtown area as well but those were way too small for me. If you have a dog, bell tower shops (kind of like an outdoor mall right next to the movie theater off of Tamiami) is very dog friendly and has a yappy hour once every month where you can sit outside with your dogs and have some drinks and dinner.

    If you were to get on the tamiami (I think it's also called 41, S Cleveland... it has like 4 different names) going North, you'll pass Colonial Blvd. I was told this is basically the stopping point for the nice area of Fort Myers. If you go right (east I think), it's not a very great area to live in. If you go left, that'll take you towards the bridge to Cape Coral (2 dollar toll). If you continue going North, Lee Memorial will be on your left 2-3 miles up.

    That's about all I can give you since I've only been here for a few weeks and most of my knowledge is based on other people's advice.

    I actually just passed the NCLEX a few days ago and plan on applying July. Any extra tips or a heads up on certain things to be prepared for would be awesome! And if you have other questions feel free to ask.
  6. by   NurseKitty2013
    Some of the that was asked were like the one about tell me a time: dealth with a difficult physician and what did you do, witnessed unethical behavior, went above and beyond, and your experiences in the OR...etc. Some of the basic interview questions were: why nursing, what is your 5 year plan, tell us about yourself, will you be relocating to the area....etc. They also asked me some OR specific questions like: what is a circulator, are you prepared to handle the challenges of this specialty, and can you handle the limited patient interaction.
    The interview at Lee was a panel interview. Each of the systems 4 locations had one or two representatives, either an educator or nurse manager. It was not as bad as I expected it to be. The best tip I can give anyone is to make sure they find someone in that room and make a connection with them; either through consistent eye contact or just a smile here or there. But don't forget to also make eye contact with the rest of the panel.
    The process at Lee Memorial was different than any of the other interview I attended mainly because this was a specialty and the others were not. Lee Memorial has two internship programs: the OR internship and the Main or MedSurge internship. The OR is only for the OR while the Main internship have other units. I dont know too much about the Main one cuz I was never called back for it. Good luck!
  7. by   lala71848
    I have been living in this area for yrs its very different compared to Miami..apt on summerlin are very nice and reasonable
  8. by   tpb19
    Thanks for the info Kitty! I'm actually set up for a third interview with a specialty area soon. I really hope they ask some of those questions you mentioned because I feel like I have them locked down. HR didn't ask me any of those but they were still pretty tough tell me a time questions and being prepared for those still really helped me answer some random questions on the spot.
  9. by   pugmom79
    I've lived here for 8 years and I was a part of the internship program. Colonial area at 75 is nice- the forum area. Apartments and homes,shopping area, and a town home community w lots of renting opps. Right by 75 , treeline, and 6 mile so you have pretty easy access to most of lee hospitals. Good luck and lmk if you have questions.
  10. by   taylz67
    Hello! I am moving to Cape Coral soon and have been scanning the internet trying to find a rate of pay for Lee Memorial BSN prepared nurses. Would you mind sharing what you know?
  11. by   pugmom79
    Low 20s
  12. by   escalatinglights
    Hello everyone! I'm moving to fort myers/cape coral soon, too. Any advice for a new grad (where to apply, wages, etc) ? I would love to meet some fellow nurses in the area, too. If you have a few minutes, please update me on where you are at now in 2014.
  13. by   caroladybelle
    Have you gotten a job yet?
  14. by   escalatinglights
    Me? No, not yet. I'm looking for advice on that, if you have any. I still have a few months before I graduate...but I'm anticipating a hard time, because of what I've read on here.
    Can I PM you? I can't seem to figure out how.