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:crying2: :confused: :mad: :crying2: :confused: :mad: Can anyone help me!!! I cannot find a better route to go in finding who to contact with regards to a job I was denied due to what they claim... Read More

  1. by   MyLove4FL
    Thank you everyone!!!! :>)
  2. by   itsmejuli
    I'm glad to know things worked out for you.

    I hope they apologized for their error.
  3. by   Bean79
    This same situation happend to my boyfriend about a year ago. He went in for a job interview and they didnt even consider him although it looked promising at first. When he inquired about it they indicated that he had an extensive arrest record. Of course he denied this and they ended up pulling up and printing out the report. Sure enough it was a record but of arrests in a Florida county he had never even been to. What happend is there is a person who has the same exact name (first, middle, and last name) and the same identical birthday. Even their ss# were nearly identical with the exception of the last four digits.

    Anyway, now when he goes for background checks he has to tell them to specifically enter his entire SS#. Its scary though because this could easily open the door to fraud and identity theft since this other person can easily pretend to be him by producing an id.

    But I am glad you got it worked out and offered the job! Congrats!
  4. by   daniellehall84
    I see this post is from two years ago but I want to leave this comment to help anybody else out in Florida who has to go through this.

    I have been in the restaurant industry for twelve years and I am trying my hardest to get out of it. I was recently denied employment from Target because the manager of the store told me I did not pass their criminal background check. Of course I was baffled by this information considering I have never been in trouble with the law in my entire life.

    I am persistent and relentless when it comes to lies that question the validity of who I am as a person. I called every law department in Florida and finally found an answer.

    o to that link and then click the link that says 'Initiate a compromised identity claim'. This will send you to a form you can print to begin a FREE investigation by the FDLE as to what is showing up on your criminal background checks that is false and how to have it cleared. I am pretty sure that my identity has been stolen. Remember, paying to get a fingerprint check and prove the employer wrong will not solve the actual problem. You must take this form to a local law enforcement agency and they will take your fingerprints and then mail it to the state government agency. Do not EVER believe that you have to pay somebody to solve problems which were not caused by you. I find this to be absolutely ridiculous and I cannot believe that the government could even let things like this happen to people. Not only is it embarrassing and degrading but it is also extremely time consuming. I do not have 4-6 weeks to wait for a form to come in the mail from Target's 'so-called' background check company to show me the lies that are listed about my background. When I fix this, and I WILL, they will get a big piece of my mind. I will not however work for a company that only pays $8.00 an hour and would not even tell me why they denied me employment.
  5. by   billdavis777
    Bean79, I would love to talk to you about how your boyfriend dealt with his evil twin issue. I have one of my own. Same name. Same DOB of a felon. Please message me