Has anyone heard back from FSU (Florida State University) nursing yet? - page 7

I've been waiting to receive my acceptance (hopefully) letter in the mail and I have yet to get it. According to their website, it was supposed to arrive in approximately 6 weeks from Feb. 1. Its... Read More

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    Rejected with a 3.4!!! I knew I wasn't going to get in because I didn't complete the foreign language requirement the school has. And Florida state schools hate out of state students, NY in the house. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!! I was thinking about U of Miami and pay a boat load of money, about $100,000 for two years.
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    I really don't think paying 100k for nursing school is a good idea lol...It would take over 2 years of work just to pay that off. In my opinion, I think you should look at ny school options. Good luck !
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    ^^^ I know sohopeful27, paying 100k for a nursing program is last last last resort. I have applied to state nursing programs in NY, and I used to be 100% against private schools (the tuition always seemed unreasonable to me, but now I realize 30k a year is pretty reasonable). I said Uni of Miami cause I would have bragging rights, It is one of the top 50 colleges in the US .
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    Congrats to all the new Nole Nursing students! You're going to love being a Nole Nurse :-) If anyone has any questions, let me know. I just graduated this spring and I started working this week.
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    Waiting to hear back from Nursing for acceptance for fall '12...anyone else?! I get to register on Monday so I guess I'll just register for a few bio major classes and wait...
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    HI same here....fall 2012 i got my acceptance letter yesterday....did u get yours??
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    I just got my acceptance letter today!
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    Got in
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    wow congrats i will be seeing you guys at the orientation ........ i am looking for a roommate hopefully get ti know on orientation
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    I've been debating living on-campus or off. By now, I'll probably get stuck in one of the community halls (which would be fine, but I'd prefer my privacy for bathroom usage lol). I'll have to decide pretty soon :/ Where were you planning on living?
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    i dont know....i am transfer student so i need to figure out somewhere and i found out that its cheaper to live with a roommate than getting a single bed apt. yes i prefer to have the same privacy lol. i dont want to share my bathroom either :P are you a FSU student?
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    I'm a transfer student too so I'm not familiar with the area. I have to set up my orientation date (I want to do it as soon as possible), by then I should be able to take a look around Tallahassee.
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    ya i know same here, do you have FB account ?

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