Has anyone heard back from FSU (Florida State University) nursing yet? Has anyone heard back from FSU (Florida State University) nursing yet? - pg.4 | allnurses

Has anyone heard back from FSU (Florida State University) nursing yet? - page 4

I've been waiting to receive my acceptance (hopefully) letter in the mail and I have yet to get it. According to their website, it was supposed to arrive in approximately 6 weeks from Feb. 1. Its... Read More

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    I was told that the letters should come around the second week in April. The reason it is taking so long is because like 350 people applied. I wish everyone the best of luck.
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    I just got my letter today and I got in! I'm so excited! Hope everyone gets some good news in the mail!
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    i just got my letter today too! omg i'm so excited! congrats eponine8614 ! so happy for you too! see ya next semester! and good luck to everyone else too! :d
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    haha forgot to say that I got in! I know it was kinda obvious! I was so nervous to open it..I've been checking the mail religiously and when I saw congratulations I almost flipped out LOL!
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    was it in a big envelope? i havent gotten anything yet. im in gainesville
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    nope, mine was in a regular envelope and it only had to sheets of paper in. we have to send back one of them saying that we are indeed attending in the fall by april 21st and then I think they will send us more info.
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    thanks! im glad its in a reg envelope so you dont know til you open it.
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    congrats jess8806!!! I was stalking the mailman these last few days too. I sent that pink form back so quick! Can't wait till they tell us more info.
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    congrats jess, what was ur gpa and hesi score if u dont mind me asking and what classes did you take and when did u apply?
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    Thanks! yeah I hand delievered that slip lol. didn't want there to be any postal issues! haha. oh, and if you are already a FSU student, which I"m not so I can't yet, you can register for your classes in the fall. she gave me a list of classes to register for when it does open up, but she also said we will be getting more stuff in the mail and via email in the summer so no worries or rush, our classes can't all fill up because they are equivalent to the number that got in. I asked and she said 331 people applied and 107 got in!

    and I don't mind answering your questions. my overall gpa was 3.52 and science gpa was 3.8. I had taken all my sciences (A&P 1 & 2, microbiology, biology, psychology, and human development) except chemistry which I am finishing this semester and was registered for when I applied. I made a over Hesi score of 92. I think that is pretty much what did it. I know my overall gpa wasn't the best but I think the minimum to apply was 3.0. hope this helps!
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    it is really hard to find information about fsu nursing program. i know it has been almost a year since last post in here, so.. how do you guys like fsu nursing so far.. ??
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    I am now over half way done with my second semester and honestly I love it. Yes it is very stressful and completely different than anything I've ever done, but I find that I feel FSU nursing is home. I've learn so much and got to do so many awesome things. Of course I have nothing to compare FSU nursing to considering this is the only nursing program I've been in, but from what I hear from others, its pretty top notch. There are always pros and cons to every program and I'm sure none of them are perfect. And at this point I am very stressed with tests and sims every week along with our clinicals and projects...but I do feel it gets easier as you go along. I also have nothing but wonderful things to say about all of the staff and instructors I have had. Hope this helps. Got to get back to studying!
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    Thank you for replying!! Can I ask you one more question? I've heard that FSU nursing students go to the Jacksonville or orlando for clinicals sometimes. Is it true?