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Grr! I hate the internet!

  1. 0 Puh-LEEEZE. Someone help me. I have been lookign at Chamber of Commerce sites, the FL BON site, the site, etc. and googling my hind-end off trying to find ALL of the hospitals in Central/North-Central FL and I'm about to toss this computer out of the window. A while back, SOMEONE sent me a brochure that had every single hospital in FL listed with a profile and all contact numbers. Do any of you know WHO makes this? I cannot for the life of me remember who sent it to me. I think it was a state publication, but I can't find anythign about it online! I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

    I have to start seriously scouting new jobs and opportunities in January, and I'm feeling very overwhelmed. And a bit disheartened, because hubby REALLY wants us to move in/around DeLand, but I'm I right?...a smattering of tiny hospitals, none of which have a Level III NICU? Except Halifax- that was the one I did see that mentioned a Level III.

    Anyone know off the top of their heads if FH-Deland has a step-down nsy, or do they just have Well Baby? What about the hospital in Flagler? Or Ormond Memorial? I keep trying to go to that web site and coming up with some bad link to a charity.

    I KNOW I found this stuff with Google before, but now when I type it all in, I get junk sites and funky links.
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    Maybe your pooter is just as confused as you have been these past few days... does it need a vacation, too? :chuckle

    Sorry... can't help you out there... I'm sure someone will be along shortly with just the links you need !

    Hang in there !
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    Hope these help you - if I find anymore on my favorites I will let you know..... I have applied to Deland and from what I could see if was a nice hospital...
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    Thank you! That first one was what I was looking for! :kiss
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    Hi, NICU_Nurse -

    Since we are in the same boat (except YOU want to move NOW and I have to WAIT 2-1/2 yrs), maybe I can watch your experience and get a few pointers from you?

    In the meantime, I found a website that lists all the hospitals in Florida that have NICUs. Please excuse my horrible inadequacies in all things computer-related, but this should take you to the general vacinity (you might have to play around a little):

    That is the Florida Hospital Services Guide. There is a place in there where you can select acute-care Children's Hospitals by region (NE, South, Central and West) - check that you are looking for NICUs, and it should spit them out alphabetically with an X by all the ones with NICUs.

    Hope this helps. I am sure there are computer whizzes reading this that are peeing their pants from laughing so hard at my computer ignorance.:roll

    Keep me informed on your progress, and good luck!
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    There are not alot of NICUs in Florida, because of the general age of the population (elderly)