Galen or ITT tech in St. Petersburg, FL - 2yr RN program

  1. Hi, I'm interested in Galen College of Nursing, but I don't know the reputation they have. I would like to do the 24 month RN program and not the LPN and then LPN to RN. I have read some bad reviews on another forum and am wondering if they are just from subpar students, which every college is going to have.

    I know ITT tech just started a 2 year RN program and it worries me that it's so new. Does anyone have any information on that?

    What schools take your ADN and RN to be able to get a BSN? How much is the program?

    Thank you
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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    Galen is wonderful. I just started Q2 of the 2 year RN program. The program has its ups and downs but I think it is well worth it. I, too, read those bad reviews and was skeptical at first. However, the program is what you make of it, just like any other school. If you don't study and put in the effort then you won't do well. I was nervous but I made a 4.0 my first semester! Let me know if you'd like any more information. You should also come in for a tour and meet with an admissions rep!
  4. by   EM09
    Thank you!

    I did come in for the Open House that was held on Wednesday and I was very impressed. The price, while still high, is the lowest for a for profit school I've seen. They've also been around for quite some time, unlike Breckenridge at ITT.

    Right now I'm just studying for the Pax-RN and hopefully will come in and take that next week.

    I did have a few questions that I didn't get a chance to get answered: When do clinicals start? How long are the quarters? And are you doing any online classes? How many days (and for how long) are you actually on campus right now?

    Thank you!!
  5. by   DowntheRiver
    Clinicals start typically start in Q3. It depends on how many credits you transfer in. If you already have classes such as A&P, Math, English, and Developmental Psych you can jump from Q1 to Q3 as all the classes that you do in Q2 have already transferred. However, you can only transfer in so many credits, just like any other school. The quarter are 12 weeks long. You go to school for 11 weeks and exams typically are on the last week. Currently I am taking A&P II online. I took A&P I on ground. I have Mr. Grecco for A&P II online and the class is awesome. You are presented with all the materials in several formats. Q1 I was on campus 3 days a week. My schedule was Monday 8 to 5, Tuesday off, Wednesday 8 to 3, Thursday 10 to 2, and Friday off. This semester I believe Q1 students only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, or so someone told me. As for me, my schedule (Q2) this semester is Monday 8 to 12, Tuesday 8 to 5, Wednesday off, Thursday 8 to 12:30, and Friday off. I took A&P II online or I would have class Monday 1 to 3 and Wednesday 1 to 4. Also, I picked up Lit on Mondays so normally you wouldn't have Lit on Monday 8 to 12.
    I actually was supposed to be at the open house on Wednesday volunteering! My scrubs just arrived today so I didn't have the proper uniform. All my friends volunteered for it. Do you remember who gave you your tour?
    Also, I stressed about the PAX-RN. I purchased the book they suggested and studied for a week before, mostly math and english. I scored a 136 - 89% math, 82% english, 68% science. Don't worry, it will be fine! If you review from the book there will not be any surprises on the test.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions!
  6. by   EM09
    I don't remember her name :/ Lol. She was short and had shorter (blondish?) hair. She said she was in Q2 as well. So the scrubs don't come in until Q2? Or does it just depend on when you order them?

    I'm more concerned about the math and science part of the Pax-RN. I got the McGraw-Hills Nursing School Entrance Exams, which covers the pax, net, teas, psb-rn, and c-net-rn. I didn't see the one they recommended until I got this one. And none of the Barnes & Nobles have the one they recommend.

    I'm hoping to take as many online classes as I can so I can keep my job for as long as possible. I know eventually that will be difficult.

    Also, did financial aid (grants and loans I'm assuming) cover all your tuition? I know the books, uniforms and those fees at the beginning aren't covered, but the rest..

    How big is your class? I know in the book they gave me said that they do clincals at bayfront hospitals? Do you know where your clincals are going to be held?

    I know it's a ton of questions, but I like getting a students point of view on top of an addmissions rep! Lol

    Thank you!
  7. by   DowntheRiver
    Ah, you had my friend Stephanie! She's so sweet.

    The scrubs come in once you order them. Order them ASAP because they do take a little bit. Mine came after 5 weeks yesterday. I bought two sets of white and blue and spent only $82 dollars with free shipping. Really not bad!

    If you need the book they recommend I have it. I can meet you somewhere?

    Financial Aid covered all my tuition last semester. Since I picked up an extra class this semester and went to 18 hours it did not. They are really good at showing you how much everything will be. You may owe a little. It depends on whether or not you have any grants. Books aren't all that expensive. There is always someone on campus selling it. Or you can rent them!

    As far as class size, I really can't tell you. Our Intro to Nursing Class had about 45 people but about 10 or so moved straight into Quarter 3. So maybe 35? I'm sure some people who just started will jump to Q3 with my current class.

    I just want to add that Galen has a good and established reputation. I looked into ITT and wasn't too impressed. One person I spoke to told me that one of her clinicals was teaching proper handwashing. Uh, not the hands on experience I am looking for!
  8. by   ladymeraud
    good afternoon,
    i am a graduate of the breckinridge school of nursing @ tampa fl. i was the first class and so far we have 100% pass rate on the nclex. i understand the concerns of many of you. i felt that we were the first child to a new parent and we all learned from each other and the did change the passing a class from an 70 % to an 80 %. i also felt that the school was flexiable with every student because life happens and they worked with you. other schools in the tampa, st petersburg fl area are not so flexiable.

    if you are worrying about the money, just remember that most of the community college around this area have a two year waiting list and you have to have a 3.9 or better. so go to all of the info sessions and find what you like. if you get into a school and need any help email me
  9. by   T Patel
    Hi! I am working on pursing a ADN degree and I am really having a hard time choosing a good school with reasonable fees. On the top of my list is Galen. I have heard very good things about the school. I need some help with admissions!! The biggest stressor for me is the entrance exam, PAX-RN. It seems that they are the ONLY school that requires PAX. I wanted to know which is the best review book for it (name and edition).

    If in case you are a little bit short in score for their entrance requirements, does anyone know if they will still accept if the rest of your application is strong??

    Did anyone face difficulty in passing the exam? or in getting accepted into the school?

    Thanks a lot to anyone who can answer any of these questions!!
  10. by   erica1223
    T Patel

    Have you taken the pax yet I took it last week.