Fscj lpn summer 2013

  1. So waiting for this acceptance package, praying I get in.... Does anyone know spring term cut off score?
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  3. by   lpnhopeful13
    Quote from Lofranc
    So waiting for this acceptance package, praying I get in.... Does anyone know spring term cut off score?
    Some people said there were those who scored 9's who didn't get in for spring!! But not sure if that had anything to do with residency? Emailed the lady in charge of nursing and apparently the letters haven't even gone out yet...hate waiting!
  4. by   Lofranc
    Wow I'll still keep my fingers crossed..... I called last week, and they told me letters would be mailed out in two weeks...so mid february..
  5. by   Flnolegirl
    The wait is killing me. If we have to wait another two weeks that's more then eight weeks of waiting.
  6. by   Lofranc
    I know....but that's what the office told me.... They may have extended the application deadline....so I will be checking the status in one more week...
  7. by   lpnhopeful13
    yikes, another two weeks! and ive been watching the mailbox like a hawk lol dang well let me know when you hear anything! good luck!!
  8. by   lpnhopeful13
    Any word on if they've sent the letters yet?
  9. by   lpnhopeful13
    Nevermind, just got my acceptance letter in the mail!!!! Good luck to you guys!
  10. by   Lofranc
    Wow congrats.!!!!! Was it a letter or a package?
  11. by   Lofranc
    Oh and what was your score?
  12. by   lpnhopeful13
    My score was 9 on the dot....it came as a letter
  13. by   cherry_blossom
    I got my acceptance yesterday I applied to the RN program as well but I'm pretty sure I won't get accepted for the summer semester. Ugh. Im still in micro and they just changed the apply dates. My long term goal is RN. My mom said I would be a better nurse if I did LPN first...Thanks mom Congrats to everyone else who got accepted! I think the LPN program is as hard, if not harder, than the RN!
  14. by   lelliott60
    I did not get accepted and had a score of 10.75. I live in camden county georgia and wonder if that is the reason I didn't get accepted.
    The letter is hard to figure out and it doesn't come right out and say I am not accepted, it states if I dont hear from the school by the first week of classes to reapply.