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  1. Hi, I am a current freshman at FSU and I am applying to the College of Nursing after I finish my pre-reqs. I was unfortunately not accepted for freshman admissions, so I had to pick another major. I entered as a biology major, but that hasn't exactly worked out for me. I'm thinking of switching my major to family and child sciences instead. Does anyone have any advice or insight (such as which classes to take or which major to pick while I'm waiting to apply for nursing)?

    By the way, I'm a second semester freshman, but I have 19 credit hours from high school so technically I'm a sophomore. I ended up with a 3.4 because I was taking classes that were more difficult and that I didn't need for nursing (I know, no excuses) because of biology. I was thinking of waiting an extra year to apply so I can get my GPA up.
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  3. by   Katsmeow
    Have you considered applying to other schools besides FSU?
  4. by   courtsnickity
    I know I should, but I want to graduate from here. If I don't get accepted, then I would get my Family and Child Sciences degree from FSU and then apply to different accelerated programs.
  5. by   Katsmeow
    Well do you know why they denied your admission to the nursing program as a freshman?
  6. by   sherilyn321
    Remember that FSU has an ABSN. You can complete a degree (one that you enjoy more than biology) and apply to the advanced program. It only adds one more year, and you're ahead a year so it works nicely. I would recommend talking to their advisors about your major and GPA. Some nursing programs (not sure about FSU) look strongly at math and science GPAs so I might say you can choose a non-science major but keep trying with science classes to -first and foremost- get a stronger background you'll need for the nursing program and second, to improve your GPA. Good luck!
  7. by   nurseyoyo17
    Hello first time replying to a thread ... Just wanted to know everyone's opinion ... I am applying for FSU BSN nursing program for fall 2013 as an out of state transfer student . My current GPA is 3.71 and my pre reqs is a 4.0 ... As stated before the UF application is very basic which usually means its harder to get accepted ...I've Also read that before taking transfer students prior FSU students get priority even though the school denies it... I'm just extra nervous and even if I get excepted I still hAve two more classes I need and will finish before the semester starts... What is your opinion on my chances?? ... Any response is appreciated and helps .. Thank u
  8. by   kmp23
    Hey guys, I am actually a FSU student and was denied my sophomore/Junior year for the bsn program. I took the route of Family and Child Sciences because I wanted to stay here and graduate from Florida State. Now I kind of regret it due to the fact of Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid. I now have to pay for my accelerated programs out of pocket so think twice before just staying here at FSU for the degree in FCS. If you know what you want to do in life go for it and apply to nursing schools. I asked CON this monday and they said the committee was getting together on the 29th and decisions will be sent out the week after..or around that time for the absn. I don't know if thats the same time for the regular BSN. Admissions is really tough due to the application process. You may be okay Cutie107 with your numbers but then again my friend got denied with a 3.8 gpa our sophomore year. I wish you luck!
  9. by   nurseyoyo17
    thank you so much for the reply and feedback kmp23 ..yeah I actually called FSU last week and I am not holding my breath for an acceptance letter, since there are only 30 spots available and 350 applicants. but i think if i dont get in Im probably going to shoot for UCF its just the TEAS exam that is killing me but im just gonna study extra hard for that .
  10. by   kmp23
    Do you want to stay in the state of Florida? or would you fancy out of state or the money is to much? I got accepted to out of state schools for absn and the schools I applied to actually looked at personal statements and LOR's.
  11. by   nurseyoyo17
    I'm trying to stay in state because I already started to bud my in state residency (since I'm coming from az) and realized all floridas public. Universities are half the price of majority of other states in state tuition
  12. by   nurseyoyo17
    But out of curiosity what school did u get into and in what state.. Also if u don't mind me asking with what gpa?
  13. by   kmp23
    Ah I see where your coming from. Well then I think you should stay in-state since your in transition of becoming a Florida resident. My GPA for major is 3.51 and my pre-reqs are 3.7-8 depending on what the school looks at. I've received acceptances from Marymount University in Arlington, Va along with Umass Amherst. I am waiting for NYU right now as well as FSU. I will definitely not be attending FSU.
  14. by   eee3
    hi, i applied to FSU nursing as a transfer student (juniors year with my AA in Pre nurisng) and got denied. I really want to attend FSU nursing but the problem is i need to be there in fall of 2016 and plan on reapplying for spring of 2016. Would i have to change my major and get accepted to another progam ?