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I know there is another thread about online bridge programs, but there are 48 pages and I need specifically Florida programs because I have Bright Future's. If anyone could suggest some for me, that would be great! I know about... Read More

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    Hi! For FIU, does anyone know if you have to take intercultural communication before entering the program or can you take it during it? Thank you!

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    Can anyone tell me how competitive the RN-BSN programs in florida are? My gpa from my previous bachelors in bio is 3.2 and my prereq gap is around 3.6. I am getting my ADN from a non accredited school so my grades wouldn't count. I am considering UCF, FAU, FIU, UWF right now.

    Does anyone have an idea of my chances at these?

    Or are there any other programs I should consider?

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