Florida National College ASN 1 year program

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    Hello to all,

    I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me. The program is regionally accredited (SACS). The program is a 1 year program. Classes are from M-F from 4-10. Clinicals are on weekends. The next start date is May 2011. There is a TEAS test to pass w/t min. passing rate of 75% and there is also a interview. The cost for each credit is $525, so approx it is $24,000 for the 46 credits needed to graduate. The program first started last year 2009 and the first class to take the NCLEX made 100%.

    I would like to know from those in the program:
    What material can I use to pass the TEAS?
    How was the interview and what question do they ask?
    How are the classes and clinincals?

    For those who are almost done with the program or have already graduated:
    Do you feel prepare for the NCLEX?

    Everyone interested in the program is welcome to comment!
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    Everything you mentioned is right. Im currently in the program taking this semester nutritional health and Micro. Im starting the nursing core in january 2011 and plan to graduate december 2011. I would love to hear from people that have graduated already
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    Thank you so much for your feedback cpet0619. Please give me more feed back on your experience with taking the pre-req at FNC. Is it true that current FNC students taking the pre-req have priority over the prospective students that are applying for the ASN program?. I was thinking of taking one course at FNC. I am missing nutrition, microbiology, human growth and development and critical thinking/ethics. I register for these course at MDC. Also, is it true that FNC requires for all pre-req science course to be passed w/t a B or better? I got a C on Hum An & Ps II. I wanted to know if is possible to take the pre-req in the evening and weekends? How long does the semester last for the pre-req at FNC? How much will each pre-req credit cost? I'm worry about all these things because I work full time and I am a full time mother and wife.

    I notice that you had previously apply at Nova BSN program. What happen that made you change you mind? I was also thinking of applying to Nova's BSN program but I dont have the best GPA of 3.0 and I have a W on microbiology. I know by experience that it is hard to get accepted to Nova because in 07 and 08 I apply to the Pharmacy program at Nova and was not accepted.
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    Hello Everyone... I was wondering if anyone has heard of Western Governors University (WGU) ? They are starting a BSN Pre Licenser program in Florida for January 2011. Its a great program so i hear and its not to expensive. I am appying for the January start, and they are still taking applications.
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    Im currently taking microbiology and nutrition at FNC and they r online. As far as taking pre-reqs, u can still work and take them but the nursing core will require time and therefore you need to consider. Besides during the interview they will ask u if u working or not.

    They r pretty strict about the GPA. Any pre-reqs u have a C you gonna have to retake cause B is the passing grade. FNC offer evening class as well. I have one friend who's taking Anat & physio I on tuesdays and thursday from 1PM to 4:30Pm. Classes last 2 months. Your advisor will tell u to take 2 classes every 2 months to reach full time for the semester.

    As far as NOVA, I have a B.S in Biology therefore im not allowed to pell grants, I chose FNC because it was cheaper for me and not far from my house. The whole program a year of nursing core classes and one semester taking ethics, micro and nutrition came to about $28,000 while the 2 years at NOVA would have cost me around $72,000 excluding books.

    * By the way, im 7 months pregnant right now due in February 20th, middle of semester while taking clinicals and nursing core classes, and I have a 3 year old son whom I had while going full time to undergraduate school. Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals if you really want it.
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    Thank you so much for responding cpet0619.
    Wish you the best with your pregnancy.
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    i am so glad you posted this...Im a LPN and I have 4 pre req to take to start the RN in may 2011. I came from broward and hated it there. I start to take the pre req starting this coming jan 2011. hope to see you there
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    Nurse betty08 did you already get accepted for the rn class of may 2011? Will you be taking some of the pre-reg w/t fnc?
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    hello nonyrn, my name is jennifer and im currently enrolled at Florida national college about to start the RN program in January 2011 at the south campus. I transferred all my pre-reqs from Miami-dade college where i had acquired an AA degree. I was only missing ethics and human growth which I did in the Oct.25 -Dec. 16 semester. I found that it is easier to complete the pre-reqs at Miami-dade rather than FNC because the classes are more affordable and the semesters are more lengthy rather than mini-terms like the one's offered at FNC. Another thing is that FNC makes you take a big majority of your pre-reqs online and I don't feel I learn the material as well in that form. Goodluck to you and dont give up. Maintain perserverance.

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