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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

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    yes you can work, but the problems is the schedrulle with clinicals change every month and you have to acomodate
    Oneida does not allow people changing or working related issuses are not take in consideration.
    everybody work in my class but it is hard.
    class schedrulle change every semester.
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    the hospitals are :
    north shore

    sorry for the spelling
    and a couple more that I cannot recall.
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    for all the info!
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    IM also from FNC class 0412. Its getting harder and harder everyday especially with new teachers coming in. But I love it, I Love science and thats the reason y i want to be a nurse so bad. Buckle up future nurses we can do this!!!
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    i definitely agree with you cpet0619. I start aug 2012 but I am on the waiting list for may 2012. Im very excited and nervous at the same time. any tips we should know and what to expect? thanks!
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    they were telling me that you will have your nursing orientation once you finish all you pre-reqs. is this true?? i can never get an answer from anyone at that school.
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    You have to remember being able to do your prereq. Does not automatically enroll you into the nursing program and makes sense because if you get a C or an F you have to repeat or never be available to be into the real nursing program when you finish your prereq. You then have an interview and then when you get enroll; you have ur orientation. raquel6687 does not make sense to have an orientation for clinicals and the cost of everything and how the nursing program works if you have not finish your prereq. First. It is like buying a car without a driven license does not make sense don’t you thinks?
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    The only pre-reqs I need to do is anatomy 1, chemistry and nutrition. I assumed after that they would start my core classes because they said I for accepted into the nursing program already.
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    And I'm having a difficult time understanding what you wrote so thanks anyway
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    I might have a lot of questiOns but I feel you guys are able to answer me better than whoever I speak too. Noone in this school has told me the process or anything. They seem like they don't know, and it's kind of frustrating. I thought that being accepted into the program was taking the prereqs and then taking nursing, I was not aware they're would be a separate interview because I had my interview for nursing last month and told me I was accepted for Aug 2012. I start jan to finish the pre-reqs. Thanks for your help anyways though littlenursing!
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    now you are talking. yes you are accept it but with the conditions you have to pass ur preq. with A's or B's until then you are not going to have ur orientation when u pass everything and you are in the last year it is when you real nursing program starts.

    get A's and B's and you will be fine. good luck!!!
    they need nurses in this world.
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    You're right we do them!! Thanks for your help once again
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    I am a bit confused. Is there ASN program a LPN to RN program or can someone without nursing experience or a LPN license apply to the program? Also, if you have all your pre-reqs except ethics and college algerbra done can you still be accepted to the program?