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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

  1. by   leandrito
    hey that is not right i depend , sometimes is from 6 to 10 and the clinical are changing almos form 7 am to 7 pm
  2. by   Miami11
    Hi Nuesemed, you need to read your Student Handbook May 2012, there is a list of book for your RN program.
  3. by   nuesemed
    Thank you for your response but The handbook for may 2012 is not out yet. Would you happen to know whats schedule for the morning classes? Thank you in advance
  4. by   Miami11
    ok, on tuesday I'll have class and I ask about your schedule for the morning classes. what is your campus? South, Hialeah or Training Center?
  5. by   nuesemed
    Hialeah campus. Thank you very much because no seems to give me a definite answer.
  6. by   Sbrina06
    Hi Everyone!!!

    I was just wondering who's starting April 30, 2012? I know we just had orientation on Thursday.
  7. by   flicker123
    Hello. I will be starting on that date as well. I was wondering would you happen to know where we can take the OSHA, HIV/AIDS, Domestinc violence, Preventing medical records seminars? I am trying to find out but I cannot find it anywhere.
  8. by   flicker123
    Hello to everyone, I am new to this page as well as FNC I got accepted and God willing I will start this 30th of april and I was wondering does anyone know where I can take the Osha, Hiv/aids, domestic violance, Preventing medical errors seminars? I had never taken those before so I am not sure where they might be giving them. Also, anyone has got some advice for the first semester besides the fact that is going to be very hard. Thank you all!!
  9. by   Sbrina06
    She told us CEUfast.com during orientation. I have to do mines too as well as CPR.
  10. by   yanes2012
    flicker123 and sabrina06
    hey i am leo i hopefully pass my class of the the first semester ,look the cpr is the only seminar that you need to take with and valided institution , the others seminar you can get them for $29.99 in the ceufast.com , thoses seminarr ohsa etc are valided for the web page i did all my seminar except cpr in the web page and it was fine , so dont worry look you can contact me at leoni_aguila@yahoo.com. on facebook . just in case can email me at leonilandro2007@yahoo.com , i can give you advice and a lot of information about the semester for you guy , okk hope to see you in april 30 , believe me you are going to be like brothers ans sister because the progrma is super hard super faqst and they need to be all together , ok contact me , ok without any prooblems , i like to help the people , tha thankssss

    ps if you cannot find me in facebook just send me a email .
  11. by   Sbrina06
    You did your first semster of core classes?
  12. by   yanes2012
    yess my first semester of core classes, look sabrina the program is hard but the thing is that is a lot of material to cover , some the professor can go over by other materials you have to read it by you own , pharmacology classs y superr extremely hard becausee y a lot of medication but if you take notes in class and read all the power points and the books you will be fine , first examn dont feel bad if you fail is normall , okk
  13. by   Sbrina06
    Thank you for the feedback :-) I also emailed you