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Florida Hospital residency Tampa

  1. 0 Anyone applied to Fl hospital Tampa GN program? I applied and interviewed this past Friday and was called for a second interview this morning! Wondering what the second interview is like!!???
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    I applied. My status still says application evaluation in progress, so I haven't been called for an interview. It's good to know they are still interviewing, I had given up, lol. Sorry I can't offer any insight. How was the first interview?
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    It was good but aren't they all lol!? You have provide a response to 3 case scenarios and they ask about 7-10 questions on situations that you've encounter and how you handled them but other than that it was a typical interview. My classmate just got hired there too! They move very quickly and are still interviewing so keep fingers crossed.
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    One of my classmates started at FH on Orlando last month and is loving it. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck to you!
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    I was hired as a gn 2 yrs ago
    I only had one interview. Good luck to the op.
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    I'm headed to the second one now! Thanks. Do you enjoy working for fl hospital?
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    Fl hospital opened their next GN program. I was told today is the last day to apply
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    I saw it and applied! Good lookin out!!
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    how was the interview? Did you get hired?