Florida CNA law changes 2013?

  1. I am planning on taking the CNA course at a local community college. I also was thinking about preparing myself and watching the skills posted on youtube then challenging the Exam, but now I am hearing that starting in 2013 in Florida you will not be able to challenge the exam and that you will have to take a training course. I would rather take the course it's just that they are so expensive.
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  3. by   Peaches721
    Firstly, the LAW has NOT CHANGED .... not yet.

    If Gov Scott decides to make this part of his agenda there will need to be NEW LAWS WRTTEN and APPROVED before a change can be made.

    The FASTED would be effective July 2013 ... Not Jan 2013.

    For the past 3 years has tried to make this change... but they need the LAWS to be changed in order for it to become effective and a Governor who wishes to make it a NEW LAW. This is NOT DONE YET!

    Their concern is people would simply WATCH a YOUTUBE Vidio, which most have incorrect instruction, and then go test. They want CNA's to have Hands On Classroom training.... not watching a youtube video.

    One problem, the FBON has no research that shows any difference in the PRACTICE of a CNA who takes the longer 120 hour State Course VS those who do other training or simply challenge the test.

    Seems to me, that would be the FIRST STEP.... get some stats on WHY the 120 is better..... so they can prove their case.

    Right now, with such a LOW PASS RATE within the 120 Hour State Sponsored Classes they have a big problem PROVING this change would be good. The Exam Preps around the state ALL have higher pass rates.... and it is a FACT... that even the Schools that OFFER the 120 hour class... PREFER to do the Exam Prep and only teach the 120 hour class to those who have FAILED 3 times.... This is a problem I belive for the FBON.

    The current laws allows anyone who can pass the FBI BG Check to TEST.... and only if they FAIL 3 TIMES are they REQUIRED to take the 120 hour state course.

    The biggest issues is... the passing rate at State Schools is only 60% where there is an average pass rate of 90+ for those who just take an exam prep. The State Rates are PUBLISHED at the FBON web site.. and it is very low.

    With a 60% pass rate... and HIGHER COST for that course.... ($1,000.00 and up) I simply do not see HOW they can JUSTIFY the change.... given a very bad economy... WHY NOW..... they know students will be effected by the HIGHER COURSE FEES.... and to what advantage. No PROOF of a better pass rate!

    Also, there is already a 38 to 40% shortage in Health Care / CNA's.... if this law was approved it would take longer to become a CNA and the cost would go up to over $1,000.00 up.

    In addition.... right now.. CNA's require an 8th grade level of education.... if this law is approved... they will need to know College Algebra and other college level classes to pass.

    There are many issues here.... these are just a few. I am sure it will be well discussed and many print articles before this happens. It can not happen just over night. LAWS take time to write and implement and be approved by the different branches of the govt.
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  4. by   f_nurse2b16
    Peaches721- I know they want CNA's with "Hands on Experience." I also, said that I was planning on taking the CNA course. It's just with these $600-800 courses, that's gonna take a while.
  5. by   f_nurse2b16
    I also said*
  6. by   animal1953
    I am a CNA and a CPT. In my CNA class we have a 98%pass rate with the 2% having to deal with records issues before they can take the test. This is at a private school, not a state sponsored school. My Phlebotomy class passed with 100% and as far as I know ony 2 of us have taken and passed the national test. The shortage referred to is non-existent. There are an average of about 200 - 300 students in the small area I live that are released into the workforce every 90 or so days. The main issue is that all facets of the medical field want " 1 - 2 years experience" as posted in their job descriptions. The market here is way over saturated with new grads. I'm still hitting it hard to find a position with both my certs. I don't mean to put you off but it is a realty here and elsewhere about the market.
  7. by   f_nurse2b16
    Animal1953- Yes, I have noticed that here in Naples, fl too. Almost every nursing home/hospital wants someone with 1-2 years experience. It's a mood killer.
  8. by   FerRN
    I became a CNA by taking a $400 3 day test prep course and the state exam at the end. I don't know that schooling is necessarily required, in fact, I may be compelled to write Rick Scott about it, since I am technically still a Florida resident.

    I was a good CNA/PCT, the nurses were sad when I moved to being a telemetry tech while going to nursing school. I made $7.35/hr in 2008, so forcing someone to take a course, which is more extensive than it needs to be is excessive when considering the pay out. If Gov Scott wants to be more effective, perhaps he should make it mandatory that the CNA shadow a nurse for a week or so at the facility they are hired. That way they will know that accurately recording I/Os and other things actually have an importance, and are not just whimsical requests.
  9. by   Peaches721
    * 70 percent of people who take the CNA Exam are CNA's who become Certified by Examination Preparation Courses E4 or other on the job training classes. They pass the examination faster and have proven to have higher scores on the test than those 30% who take the 120 hour / 4 to 5 month course.

    * The 120 Hour / 4 to 5month Courses cost well over $1,000.00 to over $4,000.00 and consume more time and money, while those students continue to have lower passing scores than "E4 - Other Training" classifications. Where is the accountability for those very low scores?

    * There is NO research that has proved that only those students who take a 120 Hour / 4 to 5 months course perform better as a CNA. When will the research begin?

    * The current data provided by Prometric testers show a higher success in passing rate for those who attend Examination Preparation Courses or E4 other training than those students who take the longer 4 to 5 month course.

    * The shorter class time allows students to pay less for the class, gain the skills and get to workfaster. These are financially hard times. The investment in both additional time and money does NOT guarantee a better PASSING RATE than other choices. These people need to get to work fast!

    * The current CNA Exam requires a GED / HS level of education. To change the test would eliminate thousands of people who have something to give to our community and have found long term careers without the requirement of college level courses. Just face it, a CNA's does not need college Algebra or college Science to perform BED SIDE CARE. Bedside Care skills are NOT highly technical.

    * Where is the RESEARCH that PROVES you need college Algebra or college Science to perform bedside care?

    * It would be devastating to many people in Florida to eliminate the current licensure E4 process as many of those who choose to take the shorter route to training canbe both single moms and/or people who need a job as fast as possible.

    * Perhaps a simple solution would be for the FBON to CHANGE the TEST and make it harder... but, they already have a problem with their 120 hour schools; the pass rate is low now... and they are thinking about eliminating the programs that have the better pass rate. Is it me, or does this just sound crazy?

    In closing, these are hard times in Florida. In a time that we are all just keeping food on the table and a roof over our head, it does not seem to be the time to pull the plug on a career choice that for 50 years has not required any college level courses to take care of mom / dad / sister / brother or you next door neighbor.

    In addition, some members of the FBON own their own CNA Schools and it is un-fair that they make rules or vote on rules that are un-just to other small business owners who are in a similar business.

    The questions is WHY NOW????

    Seems to me that as long as the FBON has business owners who are wanting to create RULES that give their School a better chance at business sales it is just un-fair.

    Clearly, those people who own Nursing Schools should NOT be in a position to VOTE on RULES that eliminate their competition.

    Would this be an area for a class-action law suit against the FBON ?????

    Business is business here.... Are we for sure that this is NOT a personal issues with business owners who happen to be on the FBON ?

    Where is the PROOF and the RESEARCH to support these changes?

    There are many questions here... and this story is not done.

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