Filing for Reciprocity in Florida?

  1. Hey guys thanks for readying this

    Im really confused as to how to apply for reciprocity... i currently live in nj but havent taken the NCLEX yet but I'm planning after taking it to move down to florida with my fiance. Someone told me if i move down to florida that i have to apply for reciprocity??? I went onto the department of health and could only find the reciprocity form for a CNA's.. does anyone know the steps that i have to take and how long it normally takes for you to get licensed in another state??? Thank you soooo much..

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    You would first need a license in NJ to apply for "reciprocity" (you'll actually be applying for licensure by endorsement). Sit for your NCLEX there and once you have a NJ license, then you can apply to FL for license by endorsement once you have a valid license number in NJ.

    Your other option would be to apply to take the NCLEX in FL since you'll be moving here anyway and you can cut out the whole NJ portion of the equation.
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    HI, i already passed the NCLEX however the state where I applied is California and my employer is here in Florida so I have to apply for reciprocity. As far as i know I have to get my California license first before I could go on with the reciprocity. However, I do not have an SSN yet. I just got hired from one of the hospitals here in Florida. Would it mean they are the ones who will give me a job order and present it to the office which will give the SSN?

    So would that also mean that applying for VisaScreen and applying for reciprocity are two different things?

    i am worried because my visa screen certificate has not come out yet. i just want to make sure if i can still go on with the reciprocity process while my application for visascreen is also ongoing? i am really confused.

    i hope my employer could wait for me til i finish everything.