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Hello! I just recently applied for Florida Gulf Coast University's Spring 2014 BSN program. Definitely freaked out because it's the only school i'm applying for and really anxious to start nursing school (as I'm sure most of... Read More

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    congratz!! by the way, do you mind telling me your stats Elang?

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    Sorry - didn't mean to post it twice.
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    I did not get in. :'-( This really sucks. Good luck to everyone else.
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    i am sorry to hear about that. your stats was also amazing so if you didn't get in, i probably won't either :/
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    I did not get a mail but nursinghopeful03 did not get in, then I can consider myself out.
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    I'll be ok. Was my first time applying to nursing school and maybe it wasn't meant to be. I'm already starting to plan my other options Good luck to everyone
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    I got my letter today I did not get in, but that was expected...congrats to all who got in and best of luck in the program.
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    Sorry to hear that, guys!
    Don't give up!
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    I just found out I got in!!! has anyone else heard back yet?
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    Is anyone who got accepted into the program living or going to live on campus starting in january?

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