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Hello! I just recently applied for Florida Gulf Coast University's Spring 2014 BSN program. Definitely freaked out because it's the only school i'm applying for and really anxious to start nursing school (as I'm sure most of... Read More

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    My mail hasn't come yet today, but I have my fingers crossed. I think the mailman may start thinking I'm stalking him or something since I always seem to come right out when he's there. lol

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    oh and for ur gpa, it should be the gpa that you ended up with the official transcript from your past college.
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    Did anyone get letters today? Unfortunately I left for vacation so I won't be able to see mine til next week Wish they would've sent them earlier
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    I didn't get anything today. Told my husband he should call to see if anything was mailed, but it's after 5.
    Hoping tomorrow will bring news!
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    was expecting it today since they told us we will find out by july 24 via email... guess not..
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    no mail once again.... did anyone ever got a chance to call the school?
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    I got my acceptance letter today)
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    congratz! ur stats was amazing so i had a feeling you would get accepted
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    I got my letter today, too! Accepted as long as I finish the courses I'm enrolled in! So excited!

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