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FGCU Nursing Program fall 2011

  1. 0 I just applied to get into the FGCU nursing program for fall 2011. I am so stressed out and worried about whether I will get in. I got an 83% on my TEAS with an overall score of 75% for the science portion but my GPA is only a 3.13. What scores have people gotten who have gotten into the program in past semesters and who applied to get in for the fall?
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    Applying to schools is a long & stressful process, I know exactly how you're feeling right now. I was admitted to the FGCU BSN program last semester (Fall 2010). I scored an 86% overall on the TEAS & a 76% on the science portion, and my GPA was a 3.3. The average GPA was between a 3.4 and a 3.5 last semester. There was a girl who got in with a 3.0 but she had in the 90s on the TEAS. I would say you're right at the cutoff & it could be a 50/50 chance. DEFINITELY apply to more than one school, I applied to three or four w/ only one acceptance. Even apply to community college associates programs...you get paid the same as a BSN RN!!
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    do you guys know the deadline for applying to this program? I'm so confused by their website
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    nevermind, I thought you guys were talking about the accelerated program
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    I'm pretty sure that all the applications for fall 2011 were due by february 1st applications for spring 2012 are due by may 15th
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    Hey I applied to FGCU too. When did the Fall 2010 applicants receive their acceptance letters last year? I'm anxious to find out if im in or not. I have a 3.5 science gpa and a 3.46 overall GPA and a 84 TEAS score. Any advice?
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    April. What did you get on your teas? I got in with a 3.3, you should be fine.
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    Oh nvm you got an 84. You should get in. Are you a transfer?
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    I just got accepted to the Fall 2011 FGCU nursing school! Anybody else?
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    I have also been accepted into the fall 2011 program! I am so HAPPY !
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    Congrats Jrichmond92!

    Thanks for the info Itsjlarious, are you in the program now? if so, how do you like it there? How's your schedule, how tough is the program? Details please!!!
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    yes, im a transfer from FIU in Miami
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    I got accepted into the fall 2011 FGCU nursing program!!!!! WOOOOT! I'm so excited!