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anyone heard of eeii or have any experience going to the nursing program. I recently found out about the emergency educational international institute but I dont have much info. are they accredited?... Read More

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    Ok.I came to EEI from Broward College after a terrible experience!I had only 3 classes left(B in all my classes in BC)I had to withdraw because I was failing clinical even though I got the highest
    score in lecture.I was accepted to EEI and I was surprised when I had my first lecture of the quality!!!Great professors; they take time for you!I could sleep like a person again!!I got my AS degree in Nursing and passed my Nclex with 75 questions!I Thank God for this school and the director is doing a great job!!!I would highly recommend it!Thanks EEI.
    I failed med surg 2 at my school. I really want to go to EEI because they will accept all my credits and I will start where i left off. But they are out of pocket and expensive how did you do it?