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I don't know if I should put Charlotte or Lee county down as my number 1 choice! I have 81 points, I don't know if I could get into Lee county with that many points, but maybe have a better chance with Charlotte? What do you... Read More

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    Quote from Hllyl09
    Did you follow the instructions in the email for the finger prints or did you follow the steps on the certified background (Access Daon's website) to make your appointment? I followed the steps in the email for making the appointment. Did you go to Fingerprint services?

    I had mine done two weeks ago. I called Edison they didn't see my result and I called Certifiedbackground.com, said I was suppose to use Doan's to get my fingerprints done at UPS.
    But ****** email said go to L-1 identity. Everyone here went to L-1 to get their fingerprints done right? Because right now mine are out in space somewhere? So frustrated right now!!
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    I got my finger prints done at UPS because that's where the instructions on the website said to go! Do I need to get them redone? My status still says incomplete, I'm wondering if that's why....
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    Holly, are you getting them redone through ibfingerprint.com? I just made my appt to redo mine there
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    I guess I followed the steps on certified background. I did my fingerprints at UPS.
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    I did mine at UPS and they have already come back. UPS is where certifiedprofile.com said to go for fingerprinting.
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    I was told in my email to go to ibfingerprint.com, but certified profile is telling me different? I went to ibfingerprint.com and got them done. I emailed **** because Im so confused. I did find out that mine were sent to Edison the same day that I got them done. I had to call FDLE and give them a long conformation number to find that out though. Did anyone else receive the info in there finalist email to go to ibfingerprint.com?
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    Yes the email said ibfingerprint.com but the website said UPS. So I went to UPS to get mine done like two weeks ago and it still says incomplete on the certified background website. So I don't know if I need to get the redone at an ibs place or what. I emailed ****** today.
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    This is the email I got from ****** (one in charge of the background checks) Kelly- I dont think you need to get yours re done as long as you did them at UPS. Thank goodness for some clarity. lol


    CertifiedBackground.com changed the company they use for fingerprints,
    but I have received your fingerprint report so do not worry. There is no
    need to take further action at this point. I have clarified the correct
    information with the company to send out in the future.

    Sorry for the confusion.


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    Awesome, okay! Thank you!
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