Edison State College admission (Florida) - page 9

I don't know if I should put Charlotte or Lee county down as my number 1 choice! I have 81 points, I don't know if I could get into Lee county with that many points, but maybe have a better chance... Read More

  1. by   franniecd
    I haven't heard anything since the first email for the drug test & background check. I replied to that email asking when we should expect to hear about acceptance and further instructions. Hopefully we hear something soon.
  2. by   franniecd
    I just got an email with an acceptance letter and orientation information. I'm still not able to register for classes though.
  3. by   kelly1221
    I got my packet a few days ago with all the paper work to fill out Get yours yet?
  4. by   Hllyl09
    Hey everyone! I got my packet about a week ago. Has anyone signed up for the cpr class yet? Im taking mine on the 27th. I cant wait until the first day of boot camp!
  5. by   kelly1221
    Holly where are you taking your cpr class? And does it matter where we get out TB test?
  6. by   franniecd
    I'm registered for classes! Are you guys talking about a mailed packet? I haven't gotten anything in the mail.
  7. by   Hllyl09
    Im taking my cpr bls or healthcare providers through AHA. I just went to there website and found a certified company. In-pulse CPR is the one I chose just because it was closest to my house. Im doing the class on th 27th in ft myers. Like them on facebook and you sve 5 bucks! =P
  8. by   Devin6xx
    Hi all im looking into the edison state (preferably Lee campus) for their nursing program. I am looking to apply for the summer semester. How hard is it to get accepted into the program? So far I have 7 credits (all B's) so a 3.0? Ofcourse i still have the next two semesters to improve my GPA. how hard is the HESI as well? any info would be AWESOME im super nervous and afraid i wont get accepted. I have a one year old and a 6 month old and being a young mom is tough but i want to so badly to succeed and get into the nursing program for them!
  9. by   franniecd
    Lee campus is very competitive. You will need to get a high score on the hesi and complete most if not all of the ge classes in addition to the pre-reqs. The school sells a hesi review book for 30ish dollars. I highly recommend getting the book and reviewing it. Good luck!
  10. by   j_andrews
    Hello I am planning on applying to the Charlotte campus as my first choice for next spring, but I'm worried about where I would live. Does anyone know if there is any type of student living anywhere near the Charlotte campus? I would be moving there on my own, not knowing anyone, so I would want to live somewhere where I would not have to worry about living alone.. but also somewhere affordable. I'm not really familiar with the area so any advice/suggestions would be great!