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Hello everyone, I recently had an interview with Delray Medical Center for their versant new grad RN training program. I am extremely excited for the opportunity and I hope i get accepted, since... Read More

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    I am in my second day of orientation, too the test yesterday. Med test isn't bad. Bring a drug guide and calculator, study what sites they provide and you'll be fine! Good luck!!!
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    0 was the interview process and how long did it take before the offered you a spot in the program. Also how much did the start you off roughly.
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    I've been a nurse about 5 yrs, so I didn't start the program. HR took forever to get me an interview but I was offered the job right after my interview. Everyone seems great and there's been tons of improvements over the last 5-6 yrs. The CNO is awesome and loves her nurses. I found there to be a communication issue with HR and everyone else. I called weekly for 3 wks.
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    Very high nurse to patient ratios. It is very unsafe for the staff and the patients. I wouldn't recommend working here to my worst enemy. Im counting the days until my contract ends.
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    I just got offered a position in their new grad program for neuro/teley. They want to start me off with $26.37 and a $3 shift differential. I keep hearing horrible things about Delray Medical Center. Is it still a bad place? They are rated one of the best hospitals in the country by Healthgrades, six years in a row
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    Neuro/Tele is a HARD unit. I have since left DMC to move out of the area. The nurses are good but the floor is really hard and busy. Good Luck!!
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    Oh wow. I keep hearing that.
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    Hello ladies,
    Hope one of you guys answer, are they still doing that versant program and if so who do I ask to speak with?
    Thank you very much
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    Hi, I know this is quite a bit dated, but did you take the job in Delray? What did you think of it?
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    HI, did you ever take the job in Delray? I know this is quite dated, but looking into that program as well. Thanks!
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    Are they still offering that salary with the program?? Also, do they pick which unit they want u to go to?

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