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Has anybody ever worked for Delray Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL? I heard one person say they were good for new grads, and their website is amazing. I live in tallahassee and cant visit... Read More

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    Delray might not be the best of best of hospitals. but if you find the right unit you will be happy. my friend works there (ICU) and she says she loves it, her co-workers are great and so is the nurse manager. since they are a trauma facility the payrate is higher, she is a new grad with only 6 month experience in another specialty (TELE) and they started her at $31 with a $3 shiff diff for nights.

    she encoraged me to apply when im done with school....if it was that bad i dont think she would tell me to come over there. Good luck on your decision.

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    thanks for the info on the pay rate start. i have over 5 years experience in my specialty and they hired me for 25/hour. i know florida doesnt pay their nurses very much at all in general but with my experience a base of 25/ hour is a joke. it seemed like a joke when they offered it to me- i should have negotiated for more. another nurse was offered $31 base hourly with 6 month experience in ANOTHER specialty and i'm in my specialty 5 plus years. i'm regretting my decision b/c i feel ive been ripped off and will leave as soon as i find a job that pays a more reasonable rate. this is all a big joke

    any other nurses getting the short end of the sick by their pay rate or starting salary offers? has anyone ever been able to negotiate a higher pay rate after a joke of an offer? nurses have to really start sticking up for themselves and start negotiating higher pay. the hospitals need us MORE than we need them and i wish we would hold out for more fair wages. we save people's lives everyday and get paid peanuts. such a shame. anyone else getting higher base rate at delray medical? they told me they pay ALL of their nurses with less than 6 years experience a base rate of $25/ hour. i see now thats not true b/c they hired someone with 6 months experience at 31/hour. i'm interested in what everyone has to share.

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    Quote from CaringRN4U
    Are you still working there? and if I may ask what part of the area do you residein. I will be starting soon and I am looking to find someone who is willing to car pool ...... I will be working days

    I have an interview for the versant program at Delray Medical Center and I was reading your post from almost a year ago. I wanted to follow up with you and ask you how is your experience at Delray thus far? And also, how much did they start a New grad RN? Thanks!!!!!
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    Does anyone have any recent experience at Delray that could share? Looking to see if it is still as bad as everyone seems to have experienced. I don't want to get stuck at a job that I hate so any info would be great, thanks
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    I am moving from Malboune to Boca in Decemeber and applied to Delray Beach. I work at Holmes Regional in the Surgical/Trauma PCU and LOVE IT! I applied to the Trauma step-down and waiting for an interview appointment. I am a little nervous bc I've read all these horrible things. Any recent comments? Anyone know about the Truama unit? Or any other suggestions? I have 4 1/2 yrs experience and Wound Care Certification/Sharp Debridement certification.
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    Working here is horrible. Very high nurse to patient ratios make it unsafe staff and patients. I am counting the days until my contract here ends. Its a living nightmare.
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    What about the ER??? How is it?

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