Dade Medical College

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    Does anyone know anything about this school???? I am intrested in their nursing program (ASN) However it is VERY expensive $60,000 I am wondering if there are an graduates out there from this school that can tell me if its worth it, or any current students who can share some insight?

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    Personally, have not heard of it. However I would NEVER pay $60,000 dollars for an associates degree... ABSOLUTELY NOT...!!! I am not even paying that much for my masters in anesthesia. Check out some community colleges if you can.
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    Are you talking about Miami-Dade College in Miami? I had no idea it was that expensive... for an ASN? That makes no sense. I got a BSN at Barry and paid that much...
    What does that include? I would do more research, b/c MDC is not that expensive. I did some prereqs there.
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    Hi, no its ni Miami Dade Community College its just called Dade Medical College and that includes tuition for the two year program, Books, Uniform, Externship and NCLEX test here is the link
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    I used to work for a consortium of colleges and universities as their technology manager. When I had to register their internet site, I was told that all bona fide colleges/universities had internet extension .edu not .com.

    Also, in looking at the website you provided, I looked up their accreditation. I did not see the accreditation that nursing programs must have in order for their students to be able to seat for the NCLEX.

    Please check this out. It is very expensive and I am not sure it will has the right accreditation.
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    First, Miami Dade College and Dade Medical College are completed two different schools. Dade Medical College has an Accelerate program for RN (ADN) you have to be ready to study hard every day, and yes its very expensive, look at it this way if you pass the TEAS Test V is no waiting list all other schools have a waiting list which is bad if you really don't want to wait. The school is accredited by Florida Board of Nursing and you can sit for the NCLEX ( you can check the web site for ALL the schools approved by the Board and yes THEY are accredited and the school is accredited by ABHES NO by (SACS which is the best one). What is important that at the end you can get your RN lic. but if you CAN'T afford it, then look for other school like FNC, MDC, BCC, or any other community colleges that I am sure is way cheaper.. and with a big Waiting list, I know! I was in the same situation, but my goal is to become a nurse and here I am going school DMC every day and paying a lot of money.. I didn't want to go for a four years program BSN and wait more. Remember every body have different situations and priorities. Remember that decision its your future.. Good Luck... I hope this info can help ..
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    are you done with the program? i looked up link and do not see whom they are accredited with. yet i am interested in enrolling in the program.
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    As I said yes, Just look where its says the name of the school and there it is very clear listing of all school that has been approved by Board of Nursing/State of florida, but if you talking about the school itself it doesnt show, but it is ABHES its not the best one but its ok, What you really need is that It is approved by the board of Nursing/State of florida which is what you need to sit for the NCLEX, and move on, But if you looking for for Big school accreditation Names like SACS, NLNAC or University big names then this is not the right school for you!
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    I went today and sat through an interview. I am scheduling my TEAS for this week, I recently took it for another school and all info is fresh. How far into the program are you? Just want an honest opnion from a student, about the program thusfar.
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    I got accepted into their program and paid the registration fee. I would love to hear what existing nursing students have to say about the program. I get the feeling they are still trying to tweak their program. I mean they used to accept credits from previous bachelors degrees. Now, they dont and you have to take all their courses. Also, in the past if you had previous credits, you had to sit in the class but did not have to pay for the class. Originally, they accepted previous credits from accredited degree programs. Seems a little confusing to me. But the program is very new - I don't think they have even graduated their first class. However, it is approved by the BON - Florida and that is really all that matters to move on. They signed my acceptance letter with classes starting on Aug 8 but yesterday, they pushed up the start date to July 11 which really threw me for a loop. Strange. It seems ALL the schools can really set whatever standard they want - I mean, each school wether it be accredited or not has different criterea that can change at anytime...including the teas test.

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