courses or certifications?

  1. Are there any courses in the Tampa/Brandon area (or online) that would be a great addition to a resume? St Pete college has some really interesting certificate programs for emergency/critical care nursing, but you need your license for that (i'll have mine in Sept)

    Im just looking for anything ANYTHING that I can add to my resume to help me stand out. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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  3. by   pedsRN28
    Depending on what field but there's IV cert, ACLS, PALS as far as the basics. You can be cert in a speciality once you're licensed.
  4. by   Sippie
    There is a Stroke Certification that you can get from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for $10. I have noticed a few places have started requesting that their nurses have it if they work in areas that might see potential stroke patients. It is done via computer so you don't have to go anywhere to get it. It is on their website. It does take about 3 hrs to complete though.