Could someone please explain the CEU's?

  1. Hi I am a RN from MO hoping to relocate to Florida in the next year. I have read over the sticky on CEU's but am still a little confused! Do you have to get CEU's every month to total 24 in two years, or say can you do 4 here, 8 there... do them all in one month or spread out over the two years... In my state we have no CEU requirements so this is totally new to me. Also can you recommend a good website to use to get them that will keep track of everything for you? Thanks in advance for any help!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    One needs to have total # of CEU's completed by time of next license application. Can be spread out, all done in one month--or night before you submit application. has been reliable for tracking your CEU activity and has great variety. See if the hospital you get hired at offers their CE Direct providing free CEU's ..many do: link has facility list.
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    Thank you SO much for your quick response!
  5. by   hodgieRN
    You will also be required to complete CEU's based on the area you work. For example, trauma centers will need 8 hrs of trauma and the ICU will need 4 hrs of trauma and 8 hrs of stroke (if it's a stroke/trauma center). Our hospital uses CE Direct as Karen stated.