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I have a 2.8 GPA, completed all nursing prerequisites and an AA degree to my name. To make a long story short I was not academically motivated in the past and with much regret wasted my parent's money. Now I am eager to... Read More

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    I can give you information about University of West Florida. I am trying to get accepted there as well. Their program is VERY difficult to get in to. They told me a few months ago that while 2.75 is the minimum score to apply, they have not taken anyone in the past 3 years with a GPA of less than 3.5. They also admit only once a year for 40 slots. I am applying there, but also jumping through all the hoops to be admitted to the local community college just in case.

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    I think that you may have a chance at South University , but Bethune Cookman, FAMU, and UW Fare out of the question only because they have a limited amount of students that they accept and its very competitive therefore you would need a 3.3 or higher. However like I said if you have a really good essay and reccomemendaton the committee at south university may take you. GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Around here, they would not be very good. Entry GPAs are 4.0 or close. I think you need to ask in the respective admissions departments.
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    When speaking of GPA, are you referring to prereq. courses only?
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    You may want to look to other smaller Universities or colleges. I am not that familiar with the ones you mentioned, but given that you do not have anything like USF, UCF on there, I would give them all a shot. As long as you meet the min requirements, I would apply. Blow the TEAS out of the water! It is the best chance you have to make yourself competative. You need to know A&P, Chemistry, and Biology mostly for the science portion. Get the TEAS study guide from ATI...after all, they make the test. DO NOT skimp on the study for this test. Most schools look at first tries, and will not accept a second try in the same year. Use this link to check out other schools in your area along with NCLEX. I would apply to the schools that would accept your GPA, but have the highest pass rate for the passing this test determines being able to put your nursing to work!

    Do not feel discouraged...apply too all the schools on your list. The worst they can say is no. Apply to some ADN programs as well for the same term in case you do get denied from BSN, that is what I am doing! Pay is very similar I have heard between the two, and I want to be a CRNA like you...but I know that I want to work for several years to me, while the BSN would be the best option, if i have to go ADN I am still excited.

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