Certifications to boost up a resume

  1. Hello everyone... I just graduated two weeks ago . I am getting ready to study for the boards...will take 2-3 months to prepare.
    In the meantime, I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on the type of certifications I can get to boost up my resume. I plan to become ACLS certified.
    With your suggestions if you can also let me know where I can take those certifications, it will be appreciated.
    Thank you and have an awesome day.
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  3. by   delphine22
    I'm not sure what other certifications you mean. Aside from BLS and ACLS, nothing is really available for new grads. Any specialty certifications like CCRN, etc., require two years of working with a specific patient population.
    IV course. This course is offered through the LPN program but not the RN's (not sure why not). Would a course like this help?
  5. by   lhasa1956
    CCRN, or CEN and you can take the exams through the AACN.
    Ihasa, please do not laugh, but I have not clue what those intials stand for. Please tell me what they are.

    I just took an ACLS course 2 days ago, so that will go on my resume. Most are requiring this in South Florida, if you can get a job here that is. The market for jobs for us new graduates is really challenging.

    Thank you.
  7. by   llg
    CCRN is the certification for critical care nursing and CEN is the certification for emergency nursing. You need to have a couple of years experience in those fields before you can get certified in them.
    Thank you for the clarification llg.
    I think after having my ACLS done, I may consider also PALS after I pass my boards and just concentrate on getting some classes out of the way to enter for BSN. That is the best I can do for now.
    You all have a wonderful blessed day.