Centura vs. Orlando Tech LPN

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    Hello Everyone! I'm new here.
    So I'm very interested in the LPN program. At first I was considering Orlando Tech however the next program starts September 10 and it's 15 months long (full time day program). The only other school that offers this program thar is near my home would be Centura Institute. They are accredited however I'm concerned about their price. Has anyone attended Centura, any information you can give on the cost, curriculum, whether you liked it and felt prepared. Etc.. I would greatly appreciate it!

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    I'm a current OTech LPN student. OTech is not fancy at all (and that's all I'm gonna say about that, lol) but it's a good bang for your buck.. I wouldn't spend a ton of money at a private school for an LPN degree. I looked up Centura's website and there's pretty much no information on there, you have to contact them if you want to know anything, which is a bad sign IMO (crappy school or CRAZY expensive).
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    Centura is a joke. I just spent over 20 minutes on the phone with someone that would not answer my questions! All they will say is you need to come in and they will tell you everything. Why would I want to take a day off work to go there, when all I asked was 3 simple questions! I asked, how long is the program, is it days or nights, and when the next start date is! They refuse to give me this information, claiming that I have to come in to get any information! This is so ridiculous! I work at a private allied health school and I could never imagine treating a student this way! They should answer my basic questions, and then based on that I can decide if I want to come in for a visit or not! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sometimes I hate private schools and how they treat you like you are dumb!!!
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    I agree, the program is 15 months long and its Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 to 3:30
    Next class will be in March 2011 and the cost is 30 000. That's all I know
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    I agree, the program is 15 months long and its Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 to 3:30
    Next class will be in March 2011 and the cost is 30 000. That's all I know
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    Wow that seems like a lot for an LPN program! I guess that's because it is a private school!
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    Any one know is Centura a good school or not beside been expensive.
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    Please, do not consider Centura Institute. It's a terrible, horrible school. I spent 18 months there and hated every minute of it. Centura is just an ant farm for all the boneheads that work there. The staff there are CRAZY AND THEY HATE YOU THE SECOND YOU GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. That school is a disaster, they want you to fail and you will. Please, do not give these people your money. This school has traumatized me, seriously. Stay away from this school.
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    Another thing, the teachers are bout teachers. They are nurses who know nothing about nurses. Plus, the school gets the worst clinical sites and you will be doing 4 care plan packets a week including drug cards for ALL of your patients medications and explanation of labs plus a bunch of other unnecessary things.

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