Canadian passed NCLEX and looking for Florida RN job.. PLEASE HELP! Canadian passed NCLEX and looking for Florida RN job.. PLEASE HELP! | allnurses

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Canadian passed NCLEX and looking for Florida RN job.. PLEASE HELP!

  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone is a Canadian or knows a Canadian RN who has had difficulty getting a job here. I passed the NCLEX for Florida last year however the BON will not issue my license until I have a SSN, which can not be issued until I have a job offer (they will even issue the license same business day!). I cant find anyone willing to offer me a job without presenting the license first.... I am stuck in a catch 22! Can anyone please help or offer any tips?? Thanks!!
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    Which province are you from? I am an RN from Quebec and am waiting to pass my. NCLEX and hopefully get a job asap afterwards! Was it a hassle for you to get to take the NCLEX as well?
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    I am from Canada too... I recently passed passed the NCLEX but the competition is tough. there are many Us nurses also looking for work. I believe that with the recession, EVRYBODY went back to school and thousands of people trained to be nurses, so there really isnt a shortage of RN or LPN's. However, you do have experience on your side- even though its not American experience, so the more specialized the better. Having said that, that doesn' t aleays help.
    I am fortunate, we came to the USA on a business visa- my husband bought an American business, which means I can work for any employer..thats one way to do it. It's tough now....evrybody is nurse...l
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    Oh and yes, I called and they will not issue you a license without a social security number- the "unofficial" explanation that I got was because a lot of illegal immigrants had started working without a visa, then employers were stuck with a nurse in a critical position and were forced to sponsor work permits etc