Broward county area Rn programs???

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    Hi everyone. I'm looking for any insight that I can get about RN programs in south Florida. Particularly, in the Broward County area. Here's a little bit about my situation....

    I currently live in West Palm Beach. I'm attending PBCC, completing pre-requisites for their nursing program. My husband recently got a job promotion in Pompano Beach so we will be relocating down that way in April. I'm trying to find out about RN programs closer to that area, rather than traveling to PBCC. I know about Broward College, but everything I have read on here about their RN program has been all negative...The most positive thing I've read about Broward College is that if you can make it through their program, where the instructors constantly treat you like crap, then you can make it anywhere as a nurse. I expect nursing school to be a challenge, and I'm more then ready to take it on, but I'd rather not attend a school that I'm going to be treated so poorly.
    If anyone can give their thoughts on Broward College, or any surronding RN programs, I'd really appreciate it!

    Also, what area's around Pompano Beach are nice to live in? My husband will be working off Federal Highway and Sample Road. We have a two-year-old and an eight-month-old, and we'd like to live some where fairly decent. We are moving from a not-so-nice neighborhood, and I would love to live somewhere that I would feel comfortable taking the kids outside to play, or to a nearby park. We don't know much about the area, but are thinking about checking out Pompano Beach, Deerfeild, Coral Springs and North Lauderale. We may buy, we may rent. Haven't totally decided yet. Any suggestions on where to look for a place, or specific neighborhoods would be great!

    Thank you in advance!!!
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    Nova Southeastern University-- a private school, but the teachers & dean treat you like a VIP, the classes are challenging and it would be hard to keep a job, but the campus is beautiful, and at the end you get a BSN and great education. and fully accredited.

    broward college--I am a grad from there '07 and honestly, they don't treat you the best- but you have to follow their rules and not make mistakes, they don't curve tests or even give you grievances if your husband dies (that happened to my classmate), it's very cut throat... but if you do everything you are supposed to, never miss classes or clinicals, never complaint... you will graduate pass your test and be an RN. I have my license and am working on my BSN at fiu for free!

    not accredited:
    City College-- Don't know anything about it, just met one person from there one time that said it was "challenging" but heard horrible stories about broward college.

    Keiser university-- don't know about it, but met a couple of nurses from there that said it was good just a lot of $$ to pay back
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    BUMBLEBEERN: could you please give me an example of your schedule at Broward College? class length and hours? Were you able to do any of the classes online?
    Thanks again.
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    If you live in Pompano, you'll attend North Campus, which is reportedly the best of BC. Also, PBCC on Glades is not too far from Pompano at all.
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    Quote from futureflrn
    BUMBLEBEERN: could you please give me an example of your schedule at Broward College? class length and hours? Were you able to do any of the classes online?
    Thanks again.
    First semester:
    M&F: 9-12 nursing process lecture
    Th: 9-12 pharm
    W:4-6 math class for 4 weeks
    T: clinical rotation from 6-4

    second thru last semester:
    M&F: 9-12 lecture
    T: clinial rotation 6-4

    and the semesters are broken down to 8 weeks. so every 8 weeks you are taking a new class, but the summers the classes lasted 6 weeks.

    I did not do the online program, when I applied I had not finished my AA, and you need an AA or above to do the online program.
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    If you attend North Campus, your schedule is slightly different.

    1st semester
    M: 9-12 lecture & 5-7 pharm
    T&W: 7:30-3 campus lab or 6:30-2 hospital clinical
    R: off (you have an option to take math here, but I don't reccommend it)
    F: 9-12 lecture and 1-4 math for 4 weeks

    Second through last:
    M&F: 9-12 lecture or 1-4 lecture
    Clinical 6:30-6:30 on T, W, or Sat
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    I know you stated you are trying not to travel. I don't know that much about the Palm Beach area. I live in Ft Lauderdale and graduated from Miami Dade College. I was enrolled in the part-time track which made it very easy to travel. The traffic is pretty much non existent that early in the morning.
    The courses are difficult and the grading scale is tough, but the instructors are really wonderful, they are encouraging, helpful, understanding when you need to take a day off and really try to help those that are struggling. I must compliment Bonnie Hammack, ARNP in particular. She is an amazing instructor, nurse and friend. I worked at NBMC and had many BC students roate through and the instructors seemed to be OK but that was toward us nurses and in public, who knows what happens behind closed doors.
    Miami Dade College is now offering a BSN program which was not available when I was there. I definitely would have chosen it.
    I wish you much luck on the college hunt.
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    FYI: BC is in the process of offering BSNs as well. The program should be in place soon.
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    Quote from LeavingTeaching4RN
    If you live in Pompano, you'll attend North Campus, which is reportedly the best of BC. Also, PBCC on Glades is not too far from Pompano at all.
    PBCC nursing program is only offered at the Belle Glade and Lake Worth campuses. I looked into it as an alternative to BC and assumed the Boca campus had the program as well, but it doesn't and I'm not willing into travel to either of those campuses.
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    FAU could be an option, too, since they are just a few minutes north on I95 from Pompano, but its going to take longer than BC since you have to complete all the general ed requirements first. If you already have a Bachelor's degree in another field, they do have a one year accelerated nursing program option. If you've only got some nursing pre-reqs done and are looking to just get going in the RN field and not really worried about the Bachelor degree side of it for now, I would just go with BC North campus. I've heard the horror stories, too, but I figured that people are still graduating from there, so it can't be that bad, right?

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