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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have received from the school. I... Read More

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    Selling all first semester books for Broward College Nursing Program

    packaged scissors, penlight, and brand new box kit $90 (good deal!)
    BC Scrub tops size Medium $15
    Nursing Lab and Techniques Skills book 7th Edition $45
    Jarvis physical Assessment 6th Edition $28
    Perry Potter 8th ED. Fundamental of Nursing with the Study Guide $90
    Selling all Clinical books such as Cox 5th Edition, Perry & Potter, Packets for clinical etc. $ 30

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    @larimar: Me, Central. It is 8 miles from home and I'm a cyclist. Therefore I can ride back and forth to school and still get my excersize since, I have a feeling, I wont have any time to workout otherwise. Anymore. So I'm gonna incorporate excersize into my commute. As far as which campus is best? I heard so many conflicting opinions from students at all 3 campus's, the only conclusion I can come to is: all 3 require an immense amount of reading, a TOTAL commitmant to your school, keep your head on your studies, have a going away party for yourself so you can say goodbye to your friends for the next 2 years. Hope this helps. And good luck in all you do!
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    @[COLOR=#003366]Juliansmom2011[/COLOR] :
    I recieved your PM, however, I cant yet PM you back as I have not yet made enough posts. Please PM me your personal email and I will get you that info. Good luck, and God Bless...
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    anyone get the email about the orientation or classes to pick from? The meeting lady said our campus should email us?
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    Not yet..i was about to ask the same question....
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    I was wondering the same... What campus are you guys going to? I'm still torn between north and central... Central is closer but I hear horror stories idk which one to pick
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    I live like 15 minutes from north so thats where i want to go..its the closest to me
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    No emails yet. I wanna go to north campus or central. I'm right in between, so I'm not sure.
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    I wonder when they plan on sending these emails.. the day is half over and we are supposed to be registering tomorrow..
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    still nothing :/

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