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Hey all im in Nursing process 2 at central and i got a 28 on my first test.. i missed it by 9 POINTS. Does ANYONE know of anyone that actually made up those 9 points? I feel incredibly discouraged... Read More

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    Quote from ohmylove
    I passed. I got a 37... I wanted a 39. So now I need a 40 and 41 to pass.
    Im soso worried. Fluid and Electrolytes was on this test and I passed it when not many did.
    Tomorrow is withdraw though
    you did it!!! a 41 is not bad!!! you can do it! now go and study hard and you will pass that exam!!
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    Hi I'm starting the program in January 2014. Trying to find out what I can do to set myself up for success is there a book that I can start reading