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hey all :) i'm planning on applying to the BC Nursing program. I don't know much about it but if you were accepted what was your gpa? My PreReq GPA is a 3.7 is that what they look at or do they look at cumulative? Do you... Read More

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    Quote from KaityRose
    You should be able to get in. I got in for August with a 2.7 and I had a 94 on my HESI test. If for some reason you don't get in, I've heard its much easier to get in over summer because less people apply, sometimes not enough to fill all the seats. Because summer is so short the program is a lot harder and some people defer their seat and start in August during a regular length semester. Good luck!

    thanks for replying. i scored a 88.6% overall on the hesi exam so im keeping my fingers cross that a 3.1 gpa and 88 hesi score will get me in for january. anyways how nursing school treating u? any advice? and which campus are u at?

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