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Anyone Applying to the May 2017 program? I wanted to get into the January program but I was missing a math class and couldn't complete it in time for the January program.... Read More

  1. by   Dimplesderosa
    Brand New Books and Supplies for Process 1&2 and GI/GU.
    2 scrub tops (XS)-$10.00
    2 scrub pants (cargo style both XS) -$15.00
    1 Polo shirt (Small)-$15.00
    1 warm up jacket (XS)-$20.00
    1 pair of bandage scissors-$2.00
    1 pen light-$3.00
    ****Brand New Pagana Lab Diagnostic book not pictured, currently waiting for Elsevier to mail it to me.******
    FLUID and ELECTROLYTES: $30.00
    Fundamental Theory book-$80.00
    Clinical Skills Book-$70.00
    Jarvis Physical Exam Book-$30.00
    MED/Surg(Still in the plastic wrap)-$100
    Pagana-$30.00(Will be mailed to my home in approx 2 weeks, maybe sooner)
  2. by   Mila2014

    If anyone is about to start the program and looking for text books to buy please send me private message. I have books from a few of the classes to sell. Thanks!
  3. by   mortui vivos docent
    Hello everyone!

    I am selling a brand new nursing kit for $180. I have bookstore receipt. It retails for $210 with tax at the bookstore
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  4. by   futurenurse1132
    Hello, which books do you still have to sell?
  5. by   Michelleheather324
    Hi! I have applied to the august program and I have 7 points. I am so so nervous and finding your post about & seeing that you were accepted with 6 has seriously made me so happy lol. Were there alot of people with 6 and 7 points that made it? Did you already have micro done when you submitted your application? Sorry for the questions...I am just so nervous and anxious!!!
  6. by   NSU2020
    How's everyone doing in the program?