Bayfront Health System

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    Does anyone here work for this hospital? What's it like? Has anyone else applied to their GN program? Have you heard anything yet?


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    Hey! I think you replied to my similar post... I still haven't heard anything but they'll be deciding next week (for Peds). The med/surg GN is still open and St. Anthony's has clinical nurse resident available. I used to work at St. Jo
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    I did lol. My app is in some kind of review at bay care, bay front, Lee memorial, and Florida hospital Tampa. Hopefully at least one will call!
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    Lol! Mine is too. I've applied EVERYWHERE! Although St. Jo is the only interview I've had. I have Tuesday coming up at co called Quest, inc. it's working with developmentally disabled/challenged. Still open if your interested.
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    Does anyone know a good training for cna and phlebotomy I wanted to work as a cna I'n a hospital
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    OK so I heard from Lee Memorial today, email saying not selected and to apply again in March. Got another email from Florida Hospital-Tampa me to forward recommendation letters and an essay, to be considered for an interview.

    pedsRN28, I had an interview in December for the NICU internship but wasn't selected. had to put that on my application for the peds program. I don't know whether that has hurt or helped me. And my status still says under consideration, but I haven't received a call for an interview yet.
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    I don't see how it could hurt you. I'm not really sure how canidates are chosen but it seems they interview a lot but only have a handful of positions available. We will have our chance! Just keep faith and DON'T give up. I got the same email from FL hospital Tampa today too!
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    I interviewed for Bayfront's GN program last Thursday. The recruiter said that I may hear back from them as early as later this week but it will most likely not be until next week.
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    I also interviewed with Bayfront last Thursday. She told me they would call mid-week with updates or offers. The anticipation is killing me! I hope its not next week, I don't think I can make it. Both St. Anthony's and Northside sent me rejection emails today, so I'm really hoping this works out. I didn't think finding jobs with a BSN would be so tough.
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    I got another rejection from St. Anthony's today too lol. Did the recruiter say how many applicants got thru to the 2nd round of interviews? She just told me that they had a whooooole bunch to screen during the phone interviews. I graduated back in August and I'm sick of interviewing...someone hire me already!

    Btw good luck!!

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