Baycare Peds GN program

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    Has anybody applied for the Peds GN at St. Jo?
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    I applied the day they posted it. My status has said under consideration since the 24th. The waiting to hear is killing me!!!! I want this so bad. I had interviewed for the nicu internship in December, and didn't get it. I had to put that on this app with the interviewer's name. I don't know if that helps or hurts.
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    I applied the same day it posted as well. It said under consideration until they called this past Friday to schedule and interview which is today! Good luck!
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    Thats awesome good luck!
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    How did the interview go?
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    It went well but I don't know. They said there's 50 applicants and only 6 positions so my fingers are crossed!
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    I thought there would be more applicants! I hope they are still setting up interviews. Did they say?
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    Yeah they said they'll be scheduling interviews all week. I thought they would have more as well but i believe they said the last class was too large.
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    Did they tell you when the program starts?
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    They just said some time in March. I just interviewed for the adult GN too. Idk why they take so long to get back to you