Baycare EAYL Program applicants/students

  1. is there anyone applying to the ptec october lpn program (clearwater campus), trying to attend it on the eayl program through morton plant/baycare? i just had my first interview and was curious as to how many others are trying to go through their program. interested in also any info you might have on the program good or bad.

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  3. by   FLg8r
    just rec'd a call today .... my 2nd interview is scheduled for 9/2/09 ...... whoo hoo
  4. by   SmilesNoir
    Congrats.. Please come back and tell us more. I kinda wondered about EAYL vs alternatives. But, I dont want no more debt.. or lock in.. sounds like a great experience
  5. by   thepopes
    Does anyone know if the "stamped, validated SPC Hospital Expansion Programs Requirements Checklist" is something that the advisors can whip up pretty quickly or does it have to be requested and takes a few days? Also, at the interview for EAYL they say you need a copy of your they have to be official or just printed off of the website? Thanks
  6. by   FLg8r
    had my 2nd interview wednesday and rec'd "the call" today ... i'm in! they offered me the lpn trainee position --- i have orientation on october 12th .... i can't believe it! i'm excited and nervous all at the same time
  7. by   FLg8r
    has anyone heard yet if they have been accepted into the october 2009 lpn program at ptec / clearwater campus? anyone accepted by baycare?