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  1. So I am researching and doing some planning about attending Barry University in January 2013.Can anyone inform me about their traditional program? What are the requirements and how is the program in general.I previously attended a Broward college and was enrolled in their nursing program but it did not work out so I am looking for a BSN program.I have a 3.5 gpa. I know I am missing some classes for the program but I am hoping to get in for August 2013.
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    I don't know about Barry or any other schools. I'm glad to see that you didn't give up which is AWESOME.... I say that because BCC may not have been the right program for you but Nova, FAU, FIU, Barry whomever will be. Keep PUSHING..... Keep us all updated. Oh and by the way why do you think BCC didn't work for you? Was it the course load, the professors, the time it takes to study? Feedback is appreciated?
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    Hey Dream,

    I wanted to know what was your incoming gpa into the Barry program. I'm going to apply for August 2014. I really wanna go to Barry. Please give me any pointers. My overall gpa right now is 3.5 but im still taking 4 classes needed for Barry. Philo, Religion, Computer & Humanities. Ugh Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
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    My incoming gpa was 3.4 your gpa is awesome. Admissions is not to bad just make sure you have taken a religion course and 9 credits of humanities. Since you are applying for Fall look into the Baptist Scholars program. I would tell you to bush up on your basic math because once you get accepted there will be a math test at orientation. Also I would advice you to get a book called "Fundamentals of Success", you can find it on amazon, it is very helpful in guiding students to think like a nurse.
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    Oh thank you dream61792. Was the 3.4 your overall gpa or science.? I already have my A.A & I have a 3.2 science gpa and a 3.5 overall gpa which will go up a little after I take these classes. I'm very good in math, thanks for letting me know ahead of time. I really hope I get into Barry's program. I know its very competitive. I'm so nervous because I've only heard of students who had 3.7 , 8s, 9s that got in. Last question: I have heard od students who got Fs in a course but retook it and still got into Barry. Is that true? Because on the website it says no Fs in science courses but when I spoke to an advisor they told me a student cannot have nomore than 5 fs or Ds.
    Thank you so much for the encouragement and answering promptly.
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    Your welcome! Yes my overall gpa was a 3.4 but my science was around 3.6. I know students who got in with around a 3.3 for Spring. Fall is a little more competitive because more students apply but the earlier you apply the better your chances are. In regards to students repeating courses I am not sure about that but I know they do not like too many repeated courses. I have heard of students getting rejected because they repeated a course like anatomy or microbiology.
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    Thank you so much
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    Thank you so much
    Your Welcome! DM me if you have any other Questions