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  1. Hi everyone,This is my first post and I have a question. Does anyone know any nursing schools that offer automatic acceptance due to the nursing shortage? I know that Oklahoma city university offers admittance as long as you are accepted to the university. There is no second application. Does anyone else know any other schools around the country that are participating in this? Thanks
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  3. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Hi Timskee,

    I can only speak of California. Nursing school is extremely competitive here. I know of students that are on 2-3 year wait lists. Many schools do a point system and others do a lottery.

    No schools, that I am aware of here offer automatic entrance.

    Best of luck to you and welcome to allnurses!
  4. by   hgrimmett
    ITT Tech will take you as long as they have a spot in the next class (max 15 students per class I think) & you can pass the entrance HESI exam (which is given at no cost to you and you can take it right on their campus.) Tuition is not cheap (they do all the paperwork for you for Pell grants and max out student loans to pay for school, so don't expect to get any money in your pocket) but in 2 years and 3 months you get your RN diploma *NOT* just LPN like most 2 year programs. They also offer an online BSN that you can take after the 2 yr degree if you feel so inclined and want to spend more money. They've got campuses all over the US, but not all of them offer nursing yet.. it's a new thing for them. The school itself has been around forever though, longer than most of the diploma mills popping up everywhere. The reason they have spots open in class is partly due to the high cost and partly because nursing is new to the school.. word hasn't gotten out yet they they are starting to teach nursing.

    I'm pretty sure their admissions policy has nothing to do with a nursing shortage and everything to do with them making money, but I am OK with that.
  5. by   caliotter3
    ITT is offering a service. Better to attend a school that is interested in money from the student than to sit around wondering when one of the more "esthetically pleasing" schools will offer a seat.