Applying for FGCU's nursing program in the fall, what's my standing?

  1. Hey I just wanted to know about my chances of getting into FGCU's nursing program. I just finished my first year of college with a 4.0 GPA. I got an A in biology and an A in Anatomy & Physiology I. I'm taking my TEAS test after the summer, so does anyone know how well I have to do on the TEAS with my academic standing as of now? Also (I'm not sure if this matters) but if I'm a man, does that increase or decrease my chances of getting into the program or does it not matter? Just curious.
    Please let me know if anyone can answer these questions. I'm just really worried because I'll be living at home during nursing school and I live in Fort Myers where FGCU is and can't go away to another nursing school because my family cannot afford it.
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  3. by   Stcroix
    I am male and was accepted into FGCU a couple years ago (I ended up going elsewhere). At that time if you were a 'B' student and got > then 65 or so on the TEAS, you got in. Get in touch with the department for specific info! You will need to find out about pre reqs, etc. Get the TEAS prep book and work on it, it is a fairly tough exam. Work at it and you will get in. Good luck
  4. by   WannaBNursey
    From what it seems, you need to have all of your pre-reqs done or all except one done before applying. I didn't have nutrition and chemistry done and I had a 75 on the TEAS and was rejected.
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