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In broward county? Or am I the only one? I see the last thread on either one of these schools was from 2011. I'm trying to get into mcfatter for Novembers start date. Orientation was supposed to be... Read More

  1. by   LegacyJS
    Do you have the booklist? i seem to recall i saw it somewhere online but cant find it.
  2. by   pookyp
    Quote from LegacyJS
    Atlantic starts Dec 14 right? but christmas break is the next week so what is the point? just like the last class started on 11/19 and then thanksgiving break. You did not have class that week right?
    Yeah it's stupid. Lol

    The book store has the book list by block. But no details on edition, etc.

    Thank goodness i went to speak to a counselor last week. Apparently I was to attend an orientation BEFORE getting admitted. And a packet telling you where to get uniforms, the PN rules and grading scale, etc. I said this is do dumb. Thank god I asked. I thought there would have been an orientation before school starts to discuss it. But they do their orientation first.

    When you get the orientation packet, the book list inside comes with the isbn #. So you can buy online or whatever.

    Atlantic's paperwork said 70 and below or 70 (I can't remember is failing) what is it at mcfatter Cordero?
  3. by   LegacyJS
    Did they let you know what the schedule will be for that first week? OMG 70 is a fail???
  4. by   pookyp
    Quote from LegacyJS
    Did they let you know what the schedule will be for that first week? OMG 70 is a fail???
    Nope! We won't know ANYTHING till the first day. They'll give us a calendar with test dates. I did get a calendar with half days and days off from school in the orientation packet.
  5. by   Doeeex3
    It's not really wasting money cause u need it anyway and u should be able to buy them whenever u want so if u choose to read early u can. And yeah when I went to Atlantic I got that packet idk why they didn't give u it. I'm so excited. We had to come in Tuesday for hand washing gowning and to watch some videos but I Couldn't make it cause my husband was in the hospital and my teacher didn't seem to like that but she let me come in alone Thursday and I just watched the 2 videos on Hippa and blood borne pathogens then the next time we go in is dec 7 and that's for CPR certification then Dec 10 we turn in our portfolios and dec 11 we officially start block one. I'm really interested in knowing if Atlantic allows u to stay home like us
  6. by   pookyp
    Quote from MrsCordero04
    I'm really interested in knowing if Atlantic allows u to stay home like us
    I doubt it. Lol gonna ask my friend.
  7. by   Doeeex3
    Lol hurry! I wanna know they're so strict probably not 😔
  8. by   ashy's
    Has anyone done block II at Mc Fatter??? Im having second thoughts about going back to LPN school since I have failed block I at Atlantic and refuse to repeat it grades were really high but when it came to skills got so nervous and it didnt help that I had a psychotic clinical be honest never viewed nursing as a passion, a dream, or whatever but more like a job, nonetheless one I 'd like to be good at. So, how are evening clinical instructors at Mc Fatter?
  9. by   ashy's
    I meant to say i failed Block II at Atlantic. Messed up at clinicals
  10. by   pookyp
    Oh no! Lol ashy do you know if core is done from home or at school? It says my teachers name is meyerson. Who is that! I'm starting there next Friday. Besides the clinical instructor, did you like going there? And did you find the coursework hard? Sorry to ask so many questions. I'm nervous. Lol

    I don't know about mcfatter personally, but I heard the nights there were laid back.
  11. by   ashy's
    Ms Meyerson is very nice, will really help you. The theory part is not bad, you may have to study everyday, but you re also on campus from 7am to 145pm studying, or practicing skills at lab. At clinicals be ready to get will be giving full bed baths, changing incontinent briefs( diapers) will be doing the CNAs work. The psycho I referred to is Elaine Taylor...she didnt like me from the beginning, and I know Im not crazy, all the other students saw and commented on how she was with me. I think if you suck up to her she will be fine..
  12. by   ashy's
    I did really well in Theory, but the inconsistencies of instructors when it came to skills drive me crazy!!! "If not even you(instructors) can decide on the "right " way of doing things, would you please get off my back and let me do it according to the F@!!@! book" but no...especially insane Taylor
  13. by   Doeeex3
    I go to mcfatter and I'm just now starting block one but I love my teacher she has her moments but overall she's awesome and whatever U aka she always friend is in block 2 she said its very tough but mcfatter is way more lenient than Atlantic so I think u should try again especially since u can skip the entire block 1. U should get on that ASAP before my group starts block 2. Also I'm buying my books online it's 2 times more cheap than the book store!!! Get ur book list and buy them NOW online before its too late