Anyone Trying to get into any of the Keiser University programs?

  1. I'm studying for my teas test now. I hope to get into the program Spr. 13'. I know Keiser is expensive, but I have heard a lot of good thing and also have a friend graduating from the Jacksonville location this month. If you applied, which location, what did you get on your TEAS, and how do you plan to live financially wile in school. I am a single mother of a toddler and I can't afford to take out any more debt for student loans. How is this possible? I wonder if I could get a job at the school and get a discount..... hmmm....
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  3. by   Dedicated2BaNurse12
    theres lots of resources andpeople and companies including hospital that will helpmyou at first I was like you to THen I was like forget it but I've got this I know one of my friends signed with a hospital got a grant and a scholarship you just have to look the sources are around get to googling hopemthis help Good luck!
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  5. by   RNpearls1908
    Im currently a student there and will be starting clinicals in jan. I am going to the Tampa campus. I got a 86% on the TEAS. I am highly impressed with the staff and students so far. They are very resourceful and helpful esp with financial aid. The first thing I would suggest is for you to apply to FASFA and then Keiser can assist you from there. They do as well offere academic and financial scholarships as well to students. Which I received.

    As far as finances I am only 23 and single so I dont really have any bills to worry about. So im not sure how other people do it. Sorry I cant be helpful in that department. But atleast one thing you wont have to worry about is paying for books, equipment and uniforms since that is all included in the tutiton so one less worry.
  6. by   SBChewning
    I am taking my TEAS on the 20th and hopefully getting into the September Core in Tampa. I am nervous about the small amount of students they let into the program. How was your application process?
  7. by   RNpearls1908
    my application process was simple. You pass the TEAS and have good grades in the pre-reqs. You meet with the program director and some of the faculty staff. I was lucky enough to meet with the dean of students as well. They ask you general nursing questions like why u want to become one, why keiser, can you handle the rubric and etc? Then your academic advisor calls you up like a week or two later with the decision. Mine was a week later. I feel as long as u pass the TEAS with high scores and pass your pre-reqs and dont bomb the interview you should be fine.