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Hello everyone! Is anyone currently attending Galen College of Nursing in St.Petesburg/Tampa Bay Area? If you aren't currently attending, but have in the past? I would love to here your feedback, too. I just wanted to know how... Read More

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    My composite was 117..the place I found was isles of gateway but there's a million places within 2 miles from the gonna do the new rn program..since most of my pre reqs are doing I can put all of my energy into the nursing classes..thursday is gonna seem like forever!!! As soon as I find out I'm in ill be moving there within 2 weeks..I have a lot of family Down there so now that I picked a place to live they can finalize everything for me...can't wait though! Maybe well be in class together!
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    This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I started the LPN day program this past Monday...I wake up at 5 to be to school by 8 and then don't get home until 7 at the time I get home I just want to sleep and not study. And then I work two 12 hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday. SO basically I'm already behind, which is NOT a good thing. We have covered so much material in a matter of 4 days it's unreal.

    I'm already frustrated because more than half of the class are CNAs or work in the field already and here I am with little to no experience. The girls are snobby and act like they know everything. I'm finding out who to stick with and who to stay away form right now. They definitely throw you into the quarter and expect you to know a lot of stuff already, which I don't. Which means I'm going to have to work extra hard. I'm hoping this next week will be better and I'll be better adjusted.

    If you thought over 17,000 was expensive for tuition. Guess again, You need to buy uniform about 80$, 400$ for books just for the FIRST quarter (TIP but I have learned that students put messages on the boards on campus for discounted books they are trying to get rid of so they are selling for little to nothing too bad I didnt know that before I bought books on another $40 if you are not a certain CPR certified cant remember which one it is they will not just take anything, fingerprinting is free THANK GOD, stethoscope, penlight, and other misc things. Too weird, didnt think it was going to be that much extra (my counselor did tell me but I didnt think it'd be a lot of extra stuff) Then not to mention the gas over 400 miles a week. Hopefully you others will find a place to live close by. Good thing is though that I can bring my lunchbox with food and put it in the refrigerator and not have to buy stuff in the cafeteria everyday. Theres another TIP lol

    I have my first exam tomorrow after only a week of classes and on 5 chapters. The teachers are ok...most are pretty boring and a 4 hour class drags on and on and on. The lab teacher is amazing! And the labs are amazing too. We learned how to take vitals, turn a person in bed, and putting a person into a wheelchair all in a matter of 6 hours and had practice time too. They have open lab on Mon Fri nights and then saturday for a couple hours in the morning so you can go in and practice your skills.

    Hopefully this gives you some kind of overview....wish someone would have done this before I started so I knew what happened the first week =) if you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer. E-mail me though at I read that everyday....

    Good luck with everyone!!
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    First, welcome to nursing school lol..I should be starting Nov 7, but from working as a cna I have been told by the nurses that you have to eat, sleep, and breathe nursing school for 2 years so this is something I am completely prepared for. I'm also told that depending on the person you should work no more than 16 hours a week, but some people work full time and stilll do good. Also, Why does it take you three hours to get to school? Is there anway you could cut down your hours at work or move closer to school, you probally wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.
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    Nursing school is very tough and not easy. Its hard and your life stops from the moment of the first class. This is why it took so long for me to decide if I wanted to return to school and have my life stop. The first time I did it I only had one child and wasnt married. The "in" crowd of nursing programs happen everywhere. I had one friend the whole time in my LPN program. Just breathe and just know it will be this way up until the end. Thank you for posting your first week experience.
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    MMa I got my call today that i'm in! Are you gonna start in Nov?
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    Quote from Care.Bear
    MMa I got my call today that i'm in! Are you gonna start in Nov?
    Congrats!!! That's awesome : ) I am planning on it, as long as we can get our financial stuff in order and get down there beforehand. We are planning on driving down in a few weeks to look at the school and apartments. I am so excited to see the area! Congrats again-you must be glad the wait is over, I know I am! : )
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    Quote from bchlver596
    Congrats all!! I actually attend Galen St. Pete. I'm actually in the LPN program days. I'm 6 months in and 6th months to go. I really like the school!! I plan on going on to do my RN there. The school is great. The teachers I've had so far are wonderful. It's strict with an attendance policy, but it's so worth it. I like it because it's a smaller, private school. The instructors are very accessible and helpful. I've met some great friends too. I actually moved from Southern CAlif. to go to school. Our wait list there is 2 to 3 yrs. for an RN. An LPN program price is $30,000 and a bridge program $60,000. Yes, that's right. LOL So, I did some research...found Galen, came for a visit liked the school and moved. It's really no different than someone going out of state for college. I will be done before my friends will even be in a program in Calif.'s cheaper to live in Fla. LOL guys made an excellent choice. Good luck and I'll probably see ya in the halls. LOL
    30k now? It was 15k back in 2006. WOW. I am looking to go back for my RN now. I loved galen but I think that is out of the question now
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    bchlver596 is definitely talking about the price of schools in California. Galen is like 17K for LPN and then I think 22K for the RN program....
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    Quote from RN543
    The lpn to rn bridge program at excelsior i figured will cost me about 6K. That is without purchasing the books because a friend of mine is giving me his. A big chunk of it is at the end, when you do your CPNE (2K) and u will also probably have to travel to do the CPNE and pay travel expenses for the 3 days. Though most of the programs at excelsior qualify for financial aid, the nursing program does not. I think it is because of the structure of the classes... since they are not actual "classes" and you are basically just reading the material on ur own and taking an exam when you're ready. So I will be paying for it all as I go. They do have some type of payment plans available as well. And the whole time you go at your own pace, so as soon as u have money for the next exam, and are ready for it, you take it. You have like up to 10 years i think to finish the program. Anyway my friend got his RN through Excelsior in about 7 months, and a lot of that time was waiting to take his CPNE and boards. I am doing it with a few friends so we can keep each other motivated. Oh also, Excelsior has associates, bachelors, and masters in nursing degrees that are all fully accredited (both regionally and nationally). Also all the prereqs that excelsior requires, they also offer as a credit by exam. And excelsior does not have a time limit on credits, whereas galen did not accept credits over 10 yrs old, and 5 yrs for science classes. The only drawback I could see is if you were the type of learner that needed classroom instruction or were not self motivated, then it may not be the type of program for you. Also there are a few states such as california that do not accept excelsior graduates for licensure. I don't know how it would work if you were already licensed in another state. anyway... just some things to think about... let me know if you have any questions... or just call excelsior, they will send u loads of info and their advisors are very helpful and knowledgeable on the phone.
    I am a LPN in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and considering the bridge programs at SPC, Excelsior and Galen. It's alot to consider and it's stressful, lol. Time is a factor for me because I am not getting any younger and want to get my RN sooner rather than later. With my time factor I'm leaning more towards Excelsior or Galen. I have most pre-req's done through SPC but my GPA is only 3.11 and it's so competitive, even for transition students (from what I hear of course. The rumor mills in nursing school are horrendous). One of my biggest drawbacks is the transferring into a BSN and MSN for future reference and I don't want to be stuck going to private, most costly institutions to continue my education. I can hope that Galen will gain accreditation but so far they have not and it would be a big gamble. I know all I'd have to do is take whatever is missing to transfer (I think) but that leads to even more time in the future. I'm just hoping the right decision will come to me. Good luck everyone. SN: Jobs are hard to come by for new grads. Everyone wants that one years experience. You have to come across someone willing to give it to you.
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