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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    I got my letter!!!! Accepted into the RN program & I couldnt be happier!!!!
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    congrats Jen!
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    no letter for rn program... just my packet for lpn which i did get accepted to, but i got that letter yesterday. i am thinking acceptance letters went out before denials. oh well i guess i should be happy i got into a program at all. jen congrats on your acceptance. i will see you monday!
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    I certainly hope that acceptance letters didn't go out before denial letters. Don't believe that they do and I think saying that just stressed a lot of people out more than they already have been.
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    I wasn't trying to contribute more was just a thought. Mw2012.....accept that lpn spot with no shame! Congrats. You will be an rn in no time!
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    it was not my intention to stress anyone else out more either, so i appologize if i did... i am just trying to figure out why i recieved an acceptance letter for one and not the other... and others have recieved acceptance letters but for rn... but from previous threads i guess you are right, there is no rhyme or reason to how they mail these out! best of luck to all of us still waiting on letters... i just want to know one way or the other!!!!!
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    I'm sorry and I know it wasn't anyone's intention. To tell the truth that thought did cross my mind and I guess hearing someone else think it too stressed me even more. My apologies MW2012 and congrats on ring accepted. I did call admin and spoke to an awesome lady that assured me that wasn't how the letters were mailed out. I was told that half the letters went out in the morning of the 9th and the other half in the afternoon. I believe her as she put me on hold for a long time to find out the answer. Hopeful Amanda crossing my fingers and toes for us:-)
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    No problem dlf....see how crazy this process makes us lol at least the others can finally breathe.
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    does anyone know what the schdule is for the lpn program?
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    Quote from HopefulAmanda
    congrats Jen!

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