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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    Yeah taeyoung score is only part of equation. If only 10% are advanced, that means you are at the top of the 90% with proficient and still above some that tested advanced because of that 4.0 . Bet you will be good.
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    Hello everyone. I just want to connect with people who were also waiting to hear if they got in to the program or not. I am enjoying the build up of stalking the mailbox. Kind of like Christmas. (the anticipation)

    Have a good day everyone and good luck to everyone. Everyone seems to have great gpa and entrance exam scores.
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    It is kind of like Christmas, it's like a right-of-passage and I'm so ready to get started on this chapter of my life!!!

    does anyone know if they voted on the LPN program at the same time as the RN program?
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    Whoever scored proficient your not alone!! So did I! Thats not stoping me..I know I can be a nurse so if it takes a couple of tries then so be it. I am in an lpn program right now.
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    Lol I don't know for sure but I imagine that there are a lot of people that apply to both. I did not but I would hope that they select for RN first then Lpn so there aren't so many alternates for Lpn due to dual acceptance. I guess they may select without that consideration though so applicants have the choice??? In short, guess I have no idea but interested .
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    I checked my mail today, I know it was said they (the acceptance/denial letters) would be sent next week, but I did walk fast to the mailbox. Nothing good in there! LOL

    I spoke to the advisor. I remember asking her before if people turn down the RN to go to the LPN and she said yes. B/c they offer a night session for LPN; so for some families that works out better for them. So people do turn down the RN and go for LPN. I only applied to the RN. I am just assuming that they pick LPN and RN people at the same time. She also said people have turned both RN and LPN b/c people became preggers or money issues or they move just things come up. So if 150 people applied and 48 spots and some people turn it down, we all have a great chance of getting in. Fingers crossed. Saying prayers for everyone. I know how hard we all work to get our grades and work and have families. etc..
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    My mail doesn't come until about 2p so I'll probably be one of the last to know lol I'll be freaking out when you guys start posting your results

    I don't know if anyone needs it but I tell everyone about it, but for anybody that likes using flashcards for studying I use studydroid, its free. You sign up for it online & then download the app on your phone. You can use sets other people have made or make up your own and then you sync it to your phone. I put all of my class powerpoints into cards & study them everywhere I go.
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    there are many thoughtful people out there. I only applied for RN. Fingers crossed for all of us. Thinks guys.
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    Thank you @ rnwannabe75. And thank you about the flash cards. I need all the help I can get.

    If anyone wants good info from prior PHCC nursing classmates, if you visit old threads from previous semesters; they say where they got deals on their books and blood work, scrubs etc.. and just all that stuff. I remember someone mentioned that Amazon has a special section that gives students a extra discount and free shipping or something. I wrote it down like over a year ago, I just have to find it now. So once I find it I'll make sure to put it on here.
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    I am an applicant for spring. Good luck to all. I do enjoy watching people's letters come in and rejoice when I see those who've been accepted.

    Just think, this time next week, we will all probably have our answers!
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