Anyone applying for the PHCC Spring 2013 RN/LPN program - page 18

Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

  1. by   MRAZ
    FYI: Suncoast News has an article on the front page that PHCC will be starting a BSN Program in the Fall of 2014. Sounds like it will be an online program simular to SPC.

    Delivered my acceptance letter today for the RN (3.77 GPA, Advanced TEAS & Resident) and declined the LPN seat.
  2. by   rnwannabe75
    I found a nursing exam study guide that helped me increase my science portion from a 60 something to 87.5%. If anyone would like for me to email it to them either post your email or private message it to me. Its loaded on my computer. Just DO NOT study the math section. I found a lot of mistakes in it & my math score dropped some, the TEAS V book is pretty sufficient for math.
  3. by   HopefulAmanda
    Got a denial yesterday too....oh well. I'm gonna go back to focusing on my lpn program. That is awesme about the bsn program. Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   izabela1723
    So I got accepted to the RN program and got my acceptance letter on Wednesday. I was told the packet also went out on Wednesday... It's Saturday and my mail has already came by but no RN packet.... Do you think I could pick it up from phcc?? Thanks, I just want to start on all my requirements!
  5. by   katmimm
    I got my denial letter for rn...but I was picked as a alternate for lpn...fingers still the waiting continues..72 teas..3.8 pre req gpa.
  6. by   RoseyF0428
    @ katmimm - you will most lilely get in you are only 2 points behind me-- good luck
  7. by   rnwannabe75
    I was wondering, has anyone given any thought to getting their text books in PDF on a tablet/Kindle or whatever? I've never gotten textbooks that way & I was wondering if anyone else has ever used a textbook that way & what they liked/disliked about it.
  8. by   Jen-G
    rnwannabe75- sry no- I've only gotten the old fashioned paper text

    I delivered my acceptance letter in person this week
  9. by   RoseyF0428
    Is anyone going to rent their books? A lot of peope are saying that is the way to go. I tried asking people who have recently gone through the program if they still have their books and they have already passed them on. :-/
  10. by   TheGhost
    Guys I have access to alot of used nursing textbooks(the ones on our list), you might want to hold off on books until then,I will be at RN orientation so find me.
  11. by   RoseyF0428
    @ TheGhost- okay - not one to be like ok sure! but im interested- how do i know your not some psycho serial killer??? lol
  12. by   RoseyF0428
    By the way i am in the LPN orientation do you have access to those used books?- i think they said its all the same orientation?? But im not too sure.
  13. by   TheGhost
    @Rosey-I don't know what lpn's use because the list they sent in the packet is for RN program. I know people further ahead in the RN program that want to get rid of their books, I would act as a middle man.