Anyone applying for the PHCC Spring 2013 RN/LPN program - page 18

Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    Ok all of that anticipation for nothing. No letter.

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    Got my acceptance letter today! !

    Overall GPA - 3.41
    Prereq GPA - 4.0
    TEAS - 82
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    Hopeful amanda what were ur scores? Im hoping we get our letters tomorrow!!
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    I hope I get a letter tomorrow. Congrats to everyone that got in so far.
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    Congrats to those accepted & thank you for the well wishes for us still waiting for our letters!!! I hope we can all be celebrating together soon!
    My teas is 86.7 & gpa is 3.6. I hope its enough but I dont know for sure if they consider the overall teas score (or if the science section counts more than english or something). I just really want this letter to come so I can make plans for next year!
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    Jen-g, if I got in, you definitely got in!!
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    @jen-g-don't worry those are solid scores..they didnt handle the sending out the letters very good with all the misinformation. The lady whose name is on all the letters says we have to have them by Monday.
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    thanks for the support
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    @Jen-G - you have very similar scores to mine and I got accepted, you will be fine.

    Just a reminder to anyone chosen as an alternate - keep your hopes up. We only have 5 days from the date the letters were sent out to accept the seat, some people may forfeit their seat due to tardy submission of forms. Also, for LPN alternates, many people (myself included) applied to both programs and got accepted to both but will be declining the seat in the LPN, opening seats for alternates.

    Best of luck to all.
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    Hey guys I got an acceptance letter too! But my letter says we have 10 days to return it. I noticed two people said 5 days, are you guys sure your letter says that?

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