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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

  1. by   MW2012
    it was not my intention to stress anyone else out more either, so i appologize if i did... i am just trying to figure out why i recieved an acceptance letter for one and not the other... and others have recieved acceptance letters but for rn... but from previous threads i guess you are right, there is no rhyme or reason to how they mail these out! best of luck to all of us still waiting on letters... i just want to know one way or the other!!!!!
  2. by   dlf0304
    I'm sorry and I know it wasn't anyone's intention. To tell the truth that thought did cross my mind and I guess hearing someone else think it too stressed me even more. My apologies MW2012 and congrats on ring accepted. I did call admin and spoke to an awesome lady that assured me that wasn't how the letters were mailed out. I was told that half the letters went out in the morning of the 9th and the other half in the afternoon. I believe her as she put me on hold for a long time to find out the answer. Hopeful Amanda crossing my fingers and toes for us:-)
  3. by   HopefulAmanda
    No problem dlf....see how crazy this process makes us lol at least the others can finally breathe.
  4. by   MW2012
    does anyone know what the schdule is for the lpn program?
  5. by   Jen-G
    Quote from HopefulAmanda
    congrats Jen!
  6. by   dlf0304
    Crazy is an understatement....lolHoping HowlOScream helps me cope until tomorrow.FYI the lady in admin said we shoul def have our letters tomorrow. I told her if I didn't I would be down there after my mail comes:-)
  7. by   pjny11
    I was accepted to both RN and LPN. So my LPN spot will be opening for one of the deserving alternates!! Best of luck to everyone
  8. by   kt1830
    Still no letter. There would be no reason for them to send out acceptance letters first so i still have my fingers crossed. I hope we get it tomorrow. Also i work with an rn who said hers came a couple days later than everyone elses but she still got accepted.
  9. by   William87
    I got accepted to both as I said earlier, just wanted to say I only got one letter telling me I was accepted to both and it had a denial or acceptance form for both in it. Not two separate letters.
  10. by   RNxDreams
    I didn't get my letter today =(hope it comes soon and it's an acceptance letter. Congrats again to everyone that got their acceptance letter! That must feel amazing!
  11. by   rnwannabe75
    I received my packet yesterday w all of the requirements I need to have done... between that & my A&PII & Microbiology classes that I'm currently taking I am going to be SUPER BUSY!!! Is anyone else taking the BLS class at the west campus Monday evening?
  12. by   MW2012
    just as i suspected received my denial letter today for rn program.... so lpn program it is! congrats to everybody that got accepted!
  13. by   kt1830
    MW 2012 what were u teas and gpa im still waiting on mine