Anyone applied to UF's accelerated BSN?

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    I applied to UF's accelerated BSN program for Summer 2009. The application deadline passed 2 weeks ago, and I am anxiously awaiting a reply. I hate waiting! If anyone has been through the program, I was wondering if you remembered when you found out if you got in or not. Is anyone out there also waiting to find out if you got into the program?

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    Hi I replied to your other post, and figured I would copy/paste it here in case you gave up on the other one. Looking forward to hearing from you

    Hi there, I have also applied to UF's accelerated BSN program for 2009, and am a total stress ball waiting for a decision. I was told they send out decisions at the end of february or early March. I am so interested in what the stats are for this years applicants. Have you heard anything about what the usual GRE or GPA is? I feel like my GRE is OK, but I just dont know what to compare it with, however my GPA is kind of struggling because of stupidity in early undergraduate, but again i just wish I knew what was typical. So if you could shed any light on that, that would be awesome. Also, if you are into it I wouldnt mind swapping stats just to compare ours. Where did you go to undergrad? what major? healthcare experience? sorry to grill you, I just feel like there are so few resources to find info on the programs candidates. let me know if you have any questions for me, I am an open book...don't mind sharing...
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    Hey guys! I got my letter in the beginning of March last year.
    If you have any questions feel free to PM me. (I don't like discussing my GPA/GRE scores out in the open on the boards.)

    Best of luck!
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    Hopefully we'll be classmates. Last year's letter was dated March 3. I'm hoping they will send them out by the end of this week since Spring Break starts this weekend. I made alternate last year with 1160 GRE and 3.3. Hope to meet you soon. I'll post when I get mine. I hope you'll do the same. Feel free to PM me. It's nice to know there are other people feeling as anxious as I am.
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    Hi again, I already had a feeling letters would be mailed out on Monday the 2nd, and if last year's went out on the 3rd that was a Momday too, I think they are going out Monday morning, we could have them on tuesday or wed. I hope I don't sound too crazy...this wait has definitely taken years off of my life... I just want to sleep until it gets here.
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    I hope we are all classmates too! And, yes, I will definitely post on here to let you know if I got in or not. I've been a wreck this past week with the anticipation that a letter would be coming soon. I had heard that they could be mailed out as early as last week, but I wasn't expecting to hear anything until the middle to end of this week. I agree, this wait has taken many years off of my life. I am so scared that I will get a rejection letter. Thankfully, I think our wait is almost over. We've made it this far, so a few more days won't be too difficult
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    Yes! Im waiting too. I emailed Kenneth Foote, maybe I'll get a response. Has anyone attended this program? Anyone know anything about scholarships thru school or hospitals, or work in Shands or Vet during the program?
    Also, don't they consider the last 60 credits of your BA for the GPA? I hope so, it's a big difference for me. I think it might be close to a 3.8 as opposed to a 3.6. My GRE was 620 verbal, 590 math, 5.5 analytical writing. My prerequisites are so far a 4.0, but I am currently taking chemistry which isnt a prerequ at UF, but I might get a B at this rate. I have a little volunteer shadowing experience (which I didn't do when I applied, I told them I planned to do it), but I did do medical research as a volunteer RA in a psych dept. I feel I have a good chance, but I've seen other posts with much better GREs. When I spoke to Kenneth Foote, he said that the average GPA is 3.5, GRE just has to be over 1000, I forget the prerequisite average. I wish all of us LUCK... Im sweating it out too. I got a letter from FAU already, but I don't want to go there. My second choice is UNF, got invited to the interview on March 13. I hope we get these letters first, so I don't have to be nervous for that interview. My first choice is UF but Im still going to go to the interview at UNF just to check it out since I went to all that trouble to apply!! : )
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I didn't think about the fact that they only consider the last 60 credits of your bachelors. If so, mine is a lot better than I originally thought! That makes me feel a little better. To be honest though, everyone that has posted their GPAs and GRE scores seem to be relatively in the same area. I think we all have great chances and hopefully we will all be classmates!!!!

    Naominurse - If you hear anything from Kenneth Foote, I would appreciate it if you post his response on here. I am very interested to know his response. Thanks!

    I really have a feeling that we will get letters tomorrow. I hope so!
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    I will post it. Every time I go to the mailbox I get so disappointed! Let's hope tomorrow or next day.
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    I applied to the program I sopke with Kenneth today and he said that decisions will be going out "very soon". Also, for those who do get accepted should feel lucky bc it looks like budget cuts may be eliminating the undergrad BSN program all together! (check the CON's website). :wink2:

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