Any Keiser Career College(JAX) LPN Students starting Jan...

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    I am starting Keiser Career College in Jan wondering if there are any other people that are starting there as well??
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    I will be there! congrats on getting in..I am super nervous! what about you?
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    Congrats to you as well...yeah I am nervous but super excited can't wait
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    do you know anyone that has completed this program? I kind of wish I did so I could know the ins and outs on alot..Ive been on this website for a yet to have found anyone in the past that has attened kcc in jax.
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    No I don't know of anyone... It would be great to know what it's many do you think will be in the class?
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    i am thinking 24..and thats a full class. My admissions person told me there were onnly 3 seats left when i was doing all my stuff with her. I also asked if it was all women.. I think there is only one man in the class with us. Are you buying all your books there?
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    Not sure yet....would it be cheaper?
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    If you get them used..yes they do cost less than what the school has them for new..and so far the ones I have got used look brand new. I think it would be alittle late to try now to see if it could save you..because I dnt think you would have them in time for school starting.
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    And I am thinking all books are going to be givin tomorrow at orientation..along with the uniforms..
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    Tanisha how did you like Keiser? I know its called southeastern now but did you enjoy it?? how many people are left in the program??
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